Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 to Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXLT5 Firmware

Article by Ion

The latest firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is now available and is named Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXLT5 firmware. This new update has been officially released by Samsung, and most of the Note N7000 devices are getting this new firmware. It comes more like a bug fixes and doesn’t bring many significant changes compared with the old one.

Galaxy Note N7000

This new update firmware can be downloaded with the help of Samsung KIES application. In case you didn’t receive this latest update then you can use this present tutorial for a manual installation. So you can use this step by step tutorial manually install the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXLT5 firmware using ODIN app, which is a flashing tool developed by Samsung.

The XXLT5 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware is built on 4.1.2 platform JZO54K Jelly Bean, has the PDA: N7000XXLT5 and the CSC: N7000XEZLT2, it was built in 2013 May.

This new Android 4.1.2 firmware (N7000XXLT5), comes with some features, and if you want to install this update then you need to know that after its installation,  you’ll enjoy  a impressive stability and An improved Battery Smooth Performance, Multi-View such as in Samsung Galaxy Note II with the disable possibility function, a new way to customize the Notification Panel which will have the possibility to add new widgets. Also with this new firmware you have the possibility to use a smart rotation feature, and in the trend of the keyboard the developers comes with a Continues Input feature integrated in the Samsung Keyboard. When you’ll want to store your data, now you have the possibility to store in the cloud with Samsung’s Cloud services. After you’ve installed this latest firmware you’ll have the 2 Home screen modes, New Notifications bar, Google Now app, New Widgets from the Galaxy S III and Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Feature, and other features and custom possibility.

We will structure the tutorial in two sections, in the first one we will guide you to follow some prerequisites which are required to be followed first to be sure the device is fully prepared to support this official manually update. The second section will teach you how to Update Galaxy Note N7000 to Android 4.1.2 XXLT5 Jelly Bean Firmware in one step by step guide.

Let’s continue our tutorial with the first section:

  • All instructions and information mentioned in this article, are provided only for educational and instructional purposing, so don’t blame us (the android.sc team) or held liable if you damage or brick your smartphone. Try this tutorial only in your own risk.
  • Install the suitable drivers for the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 device.
  • Backup all your data stored in your device’s internal memory. Always when you want to install  new firmware in your device, backup all your personal data and application, this thing is necessary because newer you don’t know what bad thing can happens during the installation process and you can lose you data.  So, make a backup such as precaution. For backing up your data,  you can use the Google Play Store backup tools and our below tips which show you how to back up your important data.
  • To save your SMS stored in your device you can use the SMS Backup and Restore app.
  • To save your contacts, you need to sync them with your Google account.
  • To save call logs history you can use the Call Logs history backup and restore app.
  • Note down the internet, MMS, APN, 3G settings from the next path:   Settings > Wireless & Networks press on More… then > Mobile networks > Access Point Names.
  • If your device is running a custom recovery image such as CWM or TWRP take a full back up at the actual ROM using the NANDROID backup and restore feature.
  • Enable the USB Debugging mode, this option will ensure the connection between the PC and the Android device.
  • Verify if your device’s battery level is up to 80 % power left. This high power level, in its battery is necessary in order to avoid a power off in the middle of the installation process, this unfortunately event can brick your device.
  • Apply this tutorial only for factory unlocked Android smartphone, and if your device is locked to a specific carrier name isn’t recommended to use the same.
  • This guide works only with Samsung Galaxy Note N7000, do not try to apply it for any other device, you risk damaging or brick it.
  • This latest firmware is an official update for Note N7000, so in case your device is rooted, applying this firmware you’ll lose the root rights. While if your device has installed on it a custom ROM after you’ll install this stock firmware, the warranty for your device will be restored and also all the factory restrictions will be activated by default.

So I think these are all prerequisites that have to follow before to begin the next section, where you’ll learn how to update Galaxy Note N7000 to Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXLT5 firmware.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 device to latest Android 4.1.2 XXLT5 Jelly Bean Firmware- step by step guide:

  1. First download the firmware file  N7000XXLT5  and save it in your PC.
  2. Download and install ODIN app.
  3. Now extract the downloaded N7000XXLT5 file on your Desktop folder in your  PC.
  4. Power off your Note N7000 device.
  5. Boot the device into Download Mode. For doing that press and keep holding the Volume Down and Home buttons in the same time and then press the Power button until the Samsung Logo will be displayed and an Android logo together with a triangle.
  6. Install the Note N7000 suitable USB drivers in your PC.
  7. Next, open the ODIN app on your PC.
  8. Connect your Android device to your PC while the device is in the Download Mode.
  9. Now, verify if the connection is done. To do that just looks ODIN interface and the ID: COM boxes will be colored in yellow, and a “added” message will be displayed.
  10. Select the update firmware files that you have to flash on your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 smartphone. All the flashing files are located in the extracted folder in Step 3.
    • Click on ‘PDA’ button, browse and load the file with ‘CODE’ word in its name.
    • Click on ‘Phone ‘button, browse and load the file with ‘MODEM’ word in its name. In case,  this file isn’t there, ignore this step.
    • Click on ‘CSC’ button, browse and load the file with CSC’ word contained in its name. In case,  this file isn’t there, ignore this step.
    • Click on ‘PIT’ button, browse and select the .pit file. Also, ignore this step if this file type isn’t there.
  11. Important: In ODIN app, make sure that the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options are checked, and the Re-Partition option must to be NOT checked.
  12. Now, when you want to begin the installation process click on the Start button in ODIN app.
  13. The flashing process has been started, and you need to wait until the ODIN app will complete this installation process.
  14. When the installation process is done, the ODIN app will say “PASS” message, and the smartphone will take an automatically restart.
  15. After the home start screen will be displayed you can disconnect your device from the PC, by removing the USB cord.

Congratulation, you successfully learned how to update your Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 device with the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XXLT5 firmware.
Verify if your device has been successfully updated with the XXLT5 firmware. To do that navigate on the following path: Settings > About phone.
Use our comment section for any supplementary questions or if you’re in the face of problems or issues regarding this step by step guide, or if something unexpected happened.