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3 Best Android RPGs You Must Know

There’s no doubt that role-playing games (RPGs) are one of the best video games around us. It’s a genre of video game where the player starts as a character and trains these characters in different ways depending on how the game evolves. Role-playing games (RPGs) is a popular genre on consoles and now you can play them on your smartphone or tablet.

For those who want to play RPGs on Android device, Google Play offers ample choices to choose from. However, not all of them are available for free. Few of them are paid one which is really awesome and totally worth their price they ask you to pay for them. Here is our listing of some of the the best-looking and most immersive RPGs for Android.

# 1 Evoland

Evoland is an amazing concept. It’s because the school action-adventure styled RPG. But the notion of this game is definitely great. Evoland takes you from the very beginning of black and white, screen scrolling, and gear gating classic games we grew up with and love, and transitions into more current, three-dimensional, free-roaming, and action-based combat of modern gaming. The gameplay is simple; you start with just directional arrow buttons. You’ll stumble upon several chests during the game that will unlock technology upgrades, as well as in-game items. Once you get used to a game style, it changes in a more advanced way.

# 2 Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf created an entire fantasy world, with each book in the series being the next chapter in a sprawling, epic campaign. There is some potent nostalgia within the pages of this game. The Kai Disciplines new characters begin with are pulled straight from the old books. Inventory is handled as a number of slots in your backpack, just like in the books. Characters have to keep track of meals and take damage if they can’t eat, just like in the books. There’s even a random number chart inside the box that players can flip tokens on to generate numbers, just like in the books.

# 3 Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart: Legacy is a cartoony and light action-adventure RPG that makes a lot of its competition on iOS look archaic and old-fashioned. Although the game doesn’t necessarily push the boundaries of gameplay originality or storytelling, It’s is an extremely good-looking and well-made game.

Players of Battleheart: Legacy begin the game by creating a character and working their way through a tutorial sequence, but from there the game is quite a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure kind of deal. There are quest givers and such, but the main focus of the game seems to be exploring new areas, fighting enemies, and custom leveling a character with abilities.

Players can choose to teach their character skills from up to 12 different character classes, each with their own combat style that works well with the game’s real-time combat system that’s reminiscent of many modern MMO combat systems. To be more specific, player characters auto-target single enemies and attack them automatically when within range.


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