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3 Ways to Prevent Unnecessary Distractions in Android Phones

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Smartphones are undoubtedly, an integral part of our modern living. However, these smartphones often have a tendency to cause interruptions at inconvenient times. When you are going to an important meeting or planning to go on a date night with your loved one, you definitely want to spend time that is less chained to your mobile. However, the moment you notice a pulsing alert on your phone, you can’t stop but think what if your babysitter is trying to reach you or what if your boss is sending you an important email. Thus, you end up being a person who simply can’t stay away from his smartphone.

The good news is Android phones offer a series of tools that help people concentrate on their loved ones rather than being constantly distracted by unnecessary messages, alerts, and random calls.

  1. Turn off Promotional Notifications: Have you ever pondered why almost every business wants you to install their app. Well, by installing their app you are giving them permission to receive push notifications. This, in turn, helps you to interact with the app even more. It is true that not all apps provide you push notifications. They may make use of this medium to provide some information. For instance, if you purchase an item from an online shopping store, it could be an email informing you about the dispatch of the product.

Thus, you need to take note of the notifications. If the notifications sent are highly promotional, go to the Settings of the app to switch off the promo notifications. If, however, the app doesn’t have the Setting, simply press and hold the notification and this will take you to the App Notifications Menu. You have an opportunity to completely turn off the notification or you can allow the messages to come in without any alert.

  1. Make Use of the Do Not Disturb Mode: The feature of Do Not Disturb in Android phones is a great way to stop your phone from buzzing each time. All you need to do is flick down with two fingertips to display the Quick Settings and then click the Do Not Disturb Button. This is indeed a great trick to help only the most important messages to pass through, thereby allowing you to concentrate on your most important discussions.
  2. Turn off Notifications from Social Networks: If you are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, then it is possible that the notifications would be the major cause of distraction. You can always control these notifications by opening the respective apps and going to their settings. In fact, you need not disable the notifications rather, you can make them appear silently.

There are, in fact, several other ways that can effectively reduce distractions in Android phones. If you are one of those whose phone buzzes all day long, then adopt effective tricks to keep your phone from bugging you all day long. You don’t always need to completely turn off the notifications each time. Rather, it’s all about pruning!


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