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4 Android Games to help You De-stress

Most of the popular games are full of non-stop action and explosions where you can put your energy and release your frustration. But there may be a situation when you more need a relaxing game to forget all the worries in the world and just enjoy the game. Yes, you read it right, there can be a game which can help you to de-stress. We have listed some of the games that can help you relax. Let’s have a look.

# 1 Hocus

It is a cerebral puzzle game in which you have to build a cube with help of different puzzles. Its UI is very neat and relaxing at the same time. Complete theme and UI is very much focused on the puzzle itself. There is also a melodious and calm music playing in the background. There are more 100 puzzles that are inbuilt in the game forcing you to put all your concentration only in the game while playing. This game also gives you freedom to create new levels or play more levels that are designed by Hocus community by tapping on pencil and ruler icons. This way, Hocus engages you more by creating or exploring new levels created by others. It is a very interactive pickup and plays a game which gives you calmness and a feeling of accomplishment and you feel relaxed with positive vibes.

# 2 Alto’s Adventure

It is one of the best de-stressing games available on Android which gives absolute gaming experience. In this game, you play as a llama herder who has to snowboard down a mountain in order to search for its lost flock. Beautiful visuals are the USP of this game while gameplay is a smooth as silk. This is probably the most action-packed game on the list, as you must grind and jump over huge chasms and outrun mysterious mountain men in your journey down the mountain. While the gorgeous visuals and fun gameplay will draw you in initially, you’ll keep coming back to complete the run objectives.

# 3 Monument Valley

You may not be aware that puzzle games are considered best for the de-stressing and relaxing as they involve your mind so much that you’re your brain blocks everything around you and focus on just completing the specific task. Monument valley is also one of those games. Here your task is to manipulate impossible structures to help your sprite get through each level. It is a very popular mobile game on Android with a sleek minimalist design. If you’ve never played then try it once as it worth checking out years out from its initial release.

# 4 I Love Hue

It is comparatively a new game but in a short span of time, it became very in game lovers. It is very simple and calming game to play. Here you have to reorganize the tiles of different colors in an order that all the hues flow from shade to shade like a fanned out paint sample look. Initial stages are easy to play but things getting tougher in later stages and become more complex. You have to spend prisms in order to play levels. With its beautiful theme with vibrant colors, this is a must have the game on Playstore.


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