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4 Free Mobile Games That Offer Great Amount of Content

The world of Android is full of apps that are best to spend your spare time and there are many games that go the same way. A large number of games entice users with in-app purchases and they become slow if you don’t actually buy.

For a majority of users, this is a cheating. On the contrary side, there are many games that offer a lot of content despite they’re absolutely free.

While these games are all free to download, not all of them are completely free of in-app purchases. However, these popular titles do not require micro transactions in any way to experience. Let’s have a look at them.

Little Alchemy [Android | iOS]

Alchemy is a fabulous puzzle game that starts on an easy note but rapidlytransforms into something much more complex. You begin with four items: wind, water, fire, and earth — by mixing these, you create new items (up to 550 in this version!).

You can try tons of various combinations, and while some look practical, others might need a bit of mind. The developers also have a good sense of humour; objects such as Batman or McDonald’s can be created when you locate their elements.

Stardash [Android | iOS ($2)]

The market is full of Android games that are very much similar to the conventional Mario. But Stardash is truly awesome and different. It’s a game that would have been at home on the Game Boy due to both its graphics and gameplay.

In each of the 40 levels, your need to earn three stars: one for gathering all the coins, one for thrashing a particular time, and one for finishing the level backwards (which is really hard). There are also four hidden temples to crack by locating secret keys in each level of the given landscape. If you try to complete all this game has to offer, it will last you a long time.

Fallout Shelter [Android | iOS]

Fallout Shelter was rolled out at E3 this year, and while it’s dissimilar to the primary Fallout games, it is found to be worth playing. Rather than wandering around a post-apocalyptic world, you portray a Vault Overseer in charge of keeping the individuals safe and happy.

This game is primarily meant for those who are in love with Fallout or management simulators. One can find extended depth in managing citizens, expanding the vault, and sending people out on adventures.

Fallout Shelter does come with in-app purchases to allow quicker access to objects, but they’re not necessary to progress the game.

Gurk, the 8-Bit RPG [Android]

Gurk is an RPG and very much like Doom & Destiny, but it too gives an older feel. With a grid-based movement system and an archaic inventory screen, Gurk feels similar to the first Final Fantasy game on NES.

It features a refined battle environment where you can choose to play a character or make him attack. Using a swordsman, archer, and wizard, you need to defeat strong enemies to move further and find new gear.


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