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4 Little Known WhatsApp Tricks

WhatsApp has changed the way people communicate today. It has evolved from a simple messaging app into a social media app which offers messaging, sharing of files, videos, location and group chat. It caters more than one billion users worldwide. Despite that, not many people know its very useful features such as from encryption to security. We are listing some features that might be unknown but useful to you.

Create Conversation Shortcuts

This feature helps you to streamline your conversations with frequent chats like a wife, girlfriend etc. You can create a conversation shortcut on the home screen of your smartphone and open that directly without even opening the app.

Here is how to do it

Open WhatsApp > Go Chat tab > long press on the conversation for which you want to create the shortcut > click on three vertical dots on right corner > select Add Chat Shortcut from the popup menu.

Library Images

WhatsApp is a great app but it can very irritating at the same time. Every time we receive messages, images and much more specially you are part of one or more groups and receive hundreds of images every week.

This content occupies a lot of space in your phone’s memory and there are also chances that content is not appropriate.

You can control this by restricting auto downloading content. Open WhatsApp > Tap on three vertical dots on right corner > click on Settings> select Data usage> click on When using mobile data When connected on Wi-Fi, and When roaming under Media Auto-Download and uncheck all the boxes.

Now, no content except voice messages will be downloaded unless you download it.

Blind Carbon Copy or BCC

This feature is used in e-mailing services more often. Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) is a frequently used email feature that lets you send out the same message to lots of people without the recipients themselves being aware of who else got the communication.

There is a broadcast feature in WhatsApp that allows you to do the same thing. To use it, click on Options > New Broadcast and enter the names of the people who you want to send your message to. You can see who opened it and receive any responses privately and individually. Keep in mind that only those people will receive your message who has saved your number in their contact list.

Supercharge your privacy

In group chats, you will be interacting with many people who are unknown to you. There are chances that you don’t want to share your DP, status or being alerted when you are typing. You can manage that by editing your security and privacy settings like Last seen status, Profile photo etc.

Open WhatsApp >Options > Settings > Account >Privacy and make the necessary amendments. You can choose whether everybody, your contacts, or nobody sees your details though read receipts are just on/off.


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