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4 Most Awaited Smartphones to Watch Out for In the Year 2017

Over the past few years, the smartphone market has evolved a lot with new devices hitting the market every now & then. Days after you buy the latest handset, you come to know that the upgraded version has already come in the market. We’ve sought and brought
together the best smartphones of 2016, those we found the best performing devices on all leading platforms, and we’ve continuously refreshed that list as the smartphone arena has advanced.

At through beginning of this year, we thought to bring you the list of top smartphones that are slated for launch in 2017. We’ll continue updating the list at various times to keep you informed about latest additions in the category. Let’s start browsing the list.

#1 Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

Samsung had managed to create noise with its Galaxy S7. The company’s reputation in the mobile arena might suffer a bit following the Note 7’s battery problems, so the Galaxy S8 might have to be superbly exciting.

If we go by the rumors, Samsung might cast off the flat version of the phone, by providing only curved machines in two sizes. There is no doubt that Samsung is all set to excite you with its new S8 by loading it with amazing features such as Exynos chipset for endless power, Snapdragon 835, 4K screen, USB Type-C
and lots more.

# 2 Apple iPhone 8

If you’re still under the cloud of iPhone 7, there are talks of iPhone 8 taking place in the community. Though iPhone 7 doesn’t seem very much different from iPhone 6S, iPhone 8 might have emerged from Apple Watch. Some are guessing that this version will be mostly
glass and feature wireless charging. It’s also suggested that there will be an iPhone 7S and 7S plus too, besides the amazing iPhone 8.

# 3 OnePlus 5

There is no need to go mad after hearing this. There’s a speculation that OnePlus would come up with version 5 and not the version 4. The OnePlus 5 could come up with a glass or ceramic body, moving on from the OnePlus 3T to present something a bit distinguished. This
won’t be the first incident where OnePlus has used something dissimilar, as it did with the OnePlus X.

# 4 HTC Ocean

HTC is going to launch its next device under the name of HTC Ocean. The leaked images reveal that it would be a concept handset. According to the rumors, there would be new ways of interaction with no use of buttons and smart use of gestures, voice, and swipes for control.

# 5 Microsoft Surface Phone

Here surface phones could refer to the refined version of Windows phone. Started by Nokia then Microsoft, Windows phones are now everywhere and the idea of Surface phones has been here in the form of decisive Windows mobile device.

It’s whispered that the new finest device will be Surface branded and Intel-powered, possibly available in three different variants. Crediting the same team behind the Surface Tablets are said to be the brain behind the Surface Phone, you can anticipate an exceptional quality if it comes soon.


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