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5 Most Addictive Android Games You Must Try

Games are one of the most vital reasons behind the popularity of smartphones, and now people are imagining about full-fledged console-quality games in their pockets. Though, it’s not possible to enjoy Call of Duty on your phone, but still there are many great Android games that are hugely addictive.  And more importantly, they are free.

Bouncy Hoops

Bouncy Hoops is an extremely interesting game and it’s similar to an arcade-style basketball game in which you’ll have to make bucket. You can bounce, shoot, swish and slam the ball in order to become the king of the court. So what are you looking for, beat your friends with buzzing sound.

Circle Affinity

This is also known as “Circle Chaos” as that is what you feel like while playing play it. This is similar to a platformer game. The basic idea of this game is that you have to jump from one circle to the next while avoiding the spikes and obstacles.  Circle Affinity is a complete chaos and that is makes it interesting and addictive.  That’ll make you play over and over as you figure out the game and keep getting better.

Gentleman Ninja

In this game, you are much more than Ninja armed with colored ninja swords which can defeat only same color sword Ninja. So you will have to select red color sword to defeat red color Ninja and blue color to defeat blue color ninja. And that needs to be done quickly. You don’t get much time to think.


It is a tricky game that demands a lot of good hand-eye coordination. The idea of the game is very simple. You need to avoid the red ball and collect the green balls. It can be done by jumping between the orbits. It takes good reflexes and skill to survive as long as possible. It seems an easy game but jumping between the orbits is quite difficult and you will find it addictive.

Really Bad Chess

It is just like chess game, but there is a catch, it has totally random pieces. Every game will have a fresh combination of pieces. If you are lucky, you may get multiple Queens and in the next game you might have too many pawns making your life miserable. If you feel that regular chess is boring, but Really Bad Chess is much more fun and its beauty lies in the unpredictability. The better you get the harder the games, it brings out the best in you.

Smash Rocket

If you’re a space junkie, this is the game for you. You get an opportunity of smashing rockets into planets and asteroids. The rockets are orbiting the Earth surrounded by different kind of targets.  You just need to protect the earth from them. Keep your timing right and tap the screen to launch the rocket on the perfect trajectory and accomplish the task. Timing is very important to perform well in this game, but you can wait to get your perfect time.


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