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5 Amazing Tips And Tricks Huawei P9, P9 Lite And P9 Plus That You Would Love to Know

Huawei’s P9 series launched in 2016 is quite impressive in terms of features and performance. No wonder it still retains its charm among users. P9 series has 3 handsets named P9, P9 Lite, and P9 Plus. P9 Lite is the smallest in terms of size and P9 Plus offers the screen size as that of a phablet. And all variants are equipped with lots of powerful features. Let’s unveil some to make most out of your device.

# 1 Use Smart Assistance to change the interface

One of the most unique features of this phone is Smart Assistance. Through this, the navigation buttons can be customized; while with the floating dock, users have access to navigation. They can also flip to mute incoming calls, set alarms or timers, take a screenshot, summon an application by drawing its first letter etc and more.You can flip to mute incoming calls, or timers and alarms, or tilt to move icons and widgets.

# 2 Activate voice commands

Besides motion control, the P9 smartphones have voice control as well, and it can recognize voice commands such as “answer call” or “reject call”. Also, the device wakes up when you give a wake-up command that can be easily customized. Take note take that this feature has to enable in order to use it.

# 3 Use the fingerprint sensor to perform touch control gestures

The main purpose of the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone is to keep your content secure, but Huawei’s software team has given the sensor a few extra features. If you navigate to Settings > Fingerprint ID, you’ll get the option to turn on or off five distinct fingerprint sensor actions that allow you to interact with your phone using the fingerprint sensor.

#4 Customize app notifications

Android’s notification system is quite robust, but there are certain instances in which they can be quite annoying. If you find yourself ignoring or getting annoyed with notifications from certain apps, the Huawei P9 has a setting which can change to avoid this. To do this, go to Settings > Notification panel & status bar > Notification center and select which app you’d like to tweak for. You’ll be given the option to turn off the app’s notifications, set notifications from the app to Priority display or tweak how the notification displays on the lock screen or status bar.

# 5 Turn your phone off or on at pre-set times

There are a lot of things you can do in an effort to save the battery life of your smartphone, but it’s well known that turning your phone completely off is the best way to conserve precious power. If you want to save battery and don’t mind being completely disconnected, check out the Huawei P9’s built-in scheduler that allows you to turn the phone off and back on again at a specific time. The options can be found in Settings > Smart Assistance > Schedule power on and off.

This setting can be extremely beneficial for those who are not able to use their cellphones during a work shift or for those who want their phone to be turned off at night but still need it to be their alarm clock in the morning.


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