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Acer Liquid S next phone to be quad-core unit

From the Acer we will receive the Liquid E1 device, this model was at the MWC (Mobile World Congress), it was announced a month earlier. The Acer Company didn’t announce something new, but the Acer’ president presented some clues about a new phablet, this thing was presented in one interview for the official Mobile World Congress paper.

For this new phablet,  we don’t have the specs mentioned, but we know is called Acer Liquid S.

If we make a short review about the Acer Android devices, we can say that  Acer  doesn’t have a quad-core smartphone or phablets devices with this type of processor, and has only the tablets that have a quad-core processor, and this device will be the first smartphone from Acer with quad-core processor.

The specifics aren’t clear, but we assumed it would be a 5 inch display, until we don’t have a clear announcement about its specs is unclear.



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