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AI And AR – Is This Future of Mobile?

Last year has witnessed a number of launches of some of the most innovative technologies. Undisputedly, 2016 can be considered as a landmark in the field of software and hardware technology. With the development of technologies like machine learning, our smart devices are becoming smarter and started to understand human behavior at a fundamental level. Though we are still far away from actual artificial intelligence, but with the help of contextual data storage and ultra-refined voice recognition, we have already changed the way we interact with our devices.

The way technology is changing one thing is sure that AI has a very bright future but what about AR? We are today trying to understand about possible scenarios of future and also that how available technologies will go through a transition.

What is AI?

It has the capability to take decisions itself on the basis of varying efficiency algorithms. They can be of low levels such as an easy mode game AI, or high level, such as AlphaGo. On the user pretext, AI has been a bit different. Though not a true AI, which could theoretically do everything humans can do. Currently, there are two names that are dominating in the field of assistive technology are Google (Google Home) and Amazon (Amazon Alexa). Both are working on smart home technologies that can look up facts, play music, and control a lot of things like lightening etc. on voice commands.

Remember JARVIS, the super intelligent AI of Iron Man from the house of Marvel. This AI is so advanced; it knows the ins and outs of Tony’s behavior better than he knows himself. It automates almost all of his processes and is able to provide him accurate information as soon as Tony asks for it.

While these products may seem like magic to some, they are still in what many would consider the first generation of what assistive tech could become. In the last 5 years, robotics and machine learning have developed more than it developed during past 20 years. Due to this assistive technology has developed the ability understand a query, index it and returns a result faster than never before.

What is AR?

Augmented reality is a technology which can overlay images or holograms over the real world. It can be divided into different tiers. In lower level, we have the example of using phone’s camera to add images to your surroundings while in a higher level, Microsoft’s HoloLens measure space to a higher degree to allow for intractable overlays. This technology is still in developing phase, still, many companies are trying to enhance its features and more interactive versions over the years. Quite a few have come and gone, in the last couple of years even, and it seems that many of these technologies are simply too early to market.

Google also tried its hands in the field of AR with the launch of Google Glass. It was a very simple and interactive way to integrate AR overlays into our everyday lives.


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