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This is How Allo’s SMS Support Works

Allo has already created a lot of buzz among the techno freak. But, do you have any idea what is the most important factors responsible for making Allo a great hit? No need to muddle a lot as we are going to compile essential information about it. SMS integration makes it different from others. Now, it has released and being appreciated on a large scale. Though Allo also sends SMS, but in a different way. It does not send SMS in a traditional way.

To put in simple words, if you send a message to someone not available on Allo, you will  get a pop up having text “You are chatting with NAME by SMS for free”  It means the recipient receives the following message but from a random number.

If go in depth of it, Allo comes with some tricky points. If the individual, whom you wish to send the message, is not using Allo, he/she will get messages from a random number. It means your number will not come in his/her knowledge.  On the other hand, if the recipient is using an Android phone, they are allowed to click a button to install Allo.

Apart from it, you are not allowed to set Allo as your default messaging app. It means you are cannot go for switching to the different SMS app and see all your Allo conversation. In case, if you delete Allo, you will not be allowed to receive messages sent through Allo. In order to uninstall Allo, you have to manually go into the setting and de-register your phone number. It can be assumed that it is as same as the Apple does with the iMessage.

In a nutshell, this messaging is frankly, but cannot be considered ideal. It can be said that they somehow have managed to turn SMS into an app to make your friend to download it. When you send the message to other Allo users, it includes all sorts of fancy Allo goodies. Saying would not be wrong that it is just like iMessage for Android. The wait is over for them who have  always wished to have something like this.


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