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How to Back Up Your Android Device

In today’s fast-paced world, our smartphones have become immensely integral to our lives. From accessing banking services right on our phone to preserving priceless memories, our phones are our best partner. But what if we lose our phone or it gets damaged. This would surely be devastating for users in many ways. Therefore, the best way to come over any such situation is to have a backup of your Android smartphone.

Let’s get to know how you can create back up of your Android phone.

Cloud Is Here

It is important to note that Google works primarily on cloud-based technology and this is what Android is made up of. As your Google Account is central to every single activity on your smartphone, the answer lies right there. For example, just by logging to your Google Account, you can access Gmail, contact address book, Maps, YouTube and other features through different apps available on your device.

This functionality makes it easy for the users to create a backup of every single element on their smartphone. If you buy a new device, the first thing you do is to log in to your Google Account and a customized Android experience is presented to you.

For example, your Gmail accounts keeps everything such as your received, sent, and other info and you can easily access the same on any device just by logging to your account at any place.

How to Restore And Setting to New Android Devices

All the necessaryservices of Google performin a similar way. Your calendar, notes you might store in Google Keep, all your office documents and spreadsheets and even things like a list of favorite YouTube videos are all linked to your Google account and not any specific device. When you use an Android, even settings like Wi-Fi networks and your favorite apps with a place on your home screen are stored. A smooth track all of this not only makes it easy to use Google’s services from more than one device; you can pick up any other Android and have it all setup and working the same just by signing in.

Third-Party Application Data

Each of us has certain favorite applications. It is good to know that these apps follow Google’s lead and store their data in the Google Account. Google provides full-fledged opportunity to a developer on Play Store to keep track of data. These apps could be of multiple types such as games, fitness etc.

However, Google doesn’t force a developer to join Play services or use its backup solution. This is why some apps might not provide backup and restore option. Therefore in some cases, getting this kind of backup doesn’t seem feasible for users.

On a safer side, it is recommended to take a backup of all important elements stored on your Android device to avoid any misadventure lately. You can choose to create an online backup to save memory. There are many third-party storage centers that can be quite helpful in this regard.


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