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10 Best Android GPS Apps for your Android Device

GPS Android aplication Maps

In this post,  I will share for you a list that contains the best GPS Android apps. All the GPS apps for Android operating system listed in this section are listed in no a specific order, and you’ll find GPS android application from different developers. The applications are listed randomly is not easy to determinate which is the best order or if one GPS application is better than other GPS application, each GPS application has features which on the other app maybe we will not find. If you think or know other best GPS Android apps, feel free to use our comment section to share with us these apps.

Note: It is possible some GPS application for Android will work only if your Android device is rooted.

 Maps Google Inc. Google Maps

The Google Maps is one of the most popular GPS applications for Android devices  as you can use it to navigate in detailed maps with 3D buildings, you can use it for driving, public transit, biking, and walking directions. With the Maps Google Inc. you can easily get live traffic information to avoid congestion, a prominent feature is that has integrated the voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, local search and business reviews.

With this powerful GPS application, you can access the Google Maps Street View or you can receive information with Indoor maps for select airports, hotels, retail stores, and more.

Only set up the directions to your destination and Google Maps for Android can help you everywhere you are.

Google Maps is free and it can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store.

 Telenav GPS Navigator

Telenav GPS Navigator is a powerful GPS app for your android device, with this app you can get voice-guided GPS, maps, business listings and real-time traffic updates now.  Using this app you’ll be able to find new places and to discover a new experience at every place you’ll visit. The Telenav GPS Navigator is faster and simpler and has a lot of features these you need a GPS mobile app. The Multi-Routes feature, which is integrated in this app, it is easy chose from the suggested routed to your destination based on traffic, this app know to estimate the drive time and distance.

Another notable feature is that Quick Search, with this function you can search over 22 millions of places, and with the user-generated ratings and reviews you can easy know what you can do when you’ll be there.

The Live Traffic is other powerful features from Telenav GPS Navigator, with this feature you can easily save your time with information about the live traffic around you, you’ll know where are jams or road congestion.

You can easily control the application with the Voice Commands function, you can use your voice only to provide the commands, and in this mode you can stay safe and keep your hands on the wheel.

After you’ll install this application you’ll see the TeleNav GPS Navigator is more than just GPS application for Android devices, is a complete guide for you.

 Download for FREE and install Telenav GPS Navigator (Not compatible with tablets and some Android devices)

Navfree: Free GPS Navigation

Navfree is a free GPS Android navigation app for Android devices, the maps for it are available for download from the Navfree Store, these maps are available for free, a strong advantage is that, the map is stored locally in your device and there is no need for a constant update or a continuous data connection, so for use the map the GPS can work offline.

The Navfree offers numerous features, and below you can take a few of them:

  •  Turn-by-turn directions
  • Spoken and on-screen instructions
  • Offline map use and address search
  • Live search via Google and Microsoft Bing.
  • Browse maps by dragging and scrolling.
  • On-board maps – no data connection required to browse maps or navigate (UK & ROI only: offline address search).
  • Toggle between 2D, 3D and safety screen mode

With a user friendly interface,  the Navfree Free GPS Navigation comes with intuitive menus and an impressive display with large buttons designed specifically for an natural intuition and use. The application comes with two maps mode display- day and night maps, the switches between the mode maps are made it automatically, the zooming is automatically at junctions and offers an excellent route guidance.

Navfree Free GPS Navigation app for Android is available for download from Google Play Store .

There you can find the available countries’ maps and a lot of information about this Android GPS app

If you want to navigate in USA, now also free USA navigation with Navfree USA app.

Waze social GPS traffic & gas Android app

Waze is a cool social GPS driving and navigation app which is available for your android device, this application connects you to other drivers with a wide community-based traffic and navigation application. With Waze you can save time, gas and money, the users help you with their experience to have the best outsmart traffic view.

With the Waze app,  you can also have a helpfully report about accidents, hazard where are the police and other traffic events you see on the road, and in the same time you receive road alerts from your route.

If you want know where the cheapest gas station along your road is, then is easy to find it,  because the community share with you the gas prices.

To contribute at the community information only driving around with the Waze application open and you’ll contribute with real traffic information about around places where you are.

It’s a smart GPS application which offers the perfect advantages from the community.

The Waze comes with live routing based on community-generated real-time traffic and road info, alerts including police traps, accidents, hazards and other more alerts. You can use your voice for a complete voice-guided navigation, there you’ll find the automatic re-routing when you’ll change the road, the significant point is that the places with the cheapest gas station on your route, you can easily share with your friends your drive live map. The live maps are constantly updated by the Waze community developers.

A thing that I consider being great for the GPS Android application is that, Waze automatically shuts down if it running in the background as you know the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease your device battery life.

 Download for free Waze social GPS traffic & gas Android app is hands-free and voice-operated.

 Yandex.Navigator for Android

Yandex.Navigator for Android is a free satnav app in Russia and Ukraine, this app comes with notification about the traffic road accidents and closure information. Yandex. Navigator has around of 5,000,000 installations and include multiple features like a free satnav app with has voice direction included, an automatic routing for Ukraine and Russia, a great feature for automatic route recalculation, and you can chose between 2D or 3D modes, and vector maps for 2 city in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) and Ukraine.

The Yandex. Navigator offers warnings about traffic conditions, where the accidents were happening and the roadworks places, speed cameras and more. With a great night Mode,  you can easily navigate with the Yandex Navigator application open in the night driving, supplementary comes with additional information about the principal buildings and other notable points on your map road. You can use the voice for command the navigation, to plan the destination in your favorites, or an address of your business, you can easily customize these types of commands, for example (“take me home”, “take me to Tsvetnoi Bul’var, 11”) you can add waypoints to your root (“add “Perekrestok” supermarket) or road alerts (“accident in the right lane”).

Download Yandex Navigator GPS android app, (Russian and Ukrainian languages support).

Sygic: GPS Navigation

Sygic: GPS Navigation is a free trial/full paid GPS application for Android with premium turn by turn GPS navigation app, Sygic works offline and you can control it using your voice. Sygic is installed and trusted by millions of users around the world wide. Inside you’ll find the Tom Tom maps and several GPS navigation features, the updates for Sygic are all for free, you can download the maps, and after that store the maps on your Android device’s memory, for working this application don’t have need internet connection.

For use the trial you can download directly by Google Play Store and for the complete unlimited license you can find it at the official sygic website.

With 124 maps available for different countries there you can find high quality Tom Tom maps stored in the internal device’s SD card, works with GPS only and no need internet connection, has turn by turn voice guided navigation, Spoken Steet Names, you can define waypoints for the places you want  visit, Speed Limit Display and Speed Camera Warnings.

For Sygic: GPS Navigation Gps Android application you have some great benefits like free updates maps, premium POI and speed cams, there you can see 3D Cities and Landscape for an easy navigation and orientation.

Download the trial Sygic: GPS Navigation app from Google Play Store

and buy the lincense from the Sygic website

Wisepilot GPS Navigator by Appello

Wisepilot GPS Navigator from Appello is an efficient outstanding and great GPS Android app, offers a free trial for 5 days for all premium navigation search and maps, then the price is around $/€29.95 Device Lifetime, but you can find limited holiday Sale on the navigation to save 33%, the price become  $/€19.95. Wisepilot has all the maps and data necessary for navigation stored in the cloud, wisepilot developers team offers automatically updates for all their users for free,

You will enjoy  the best navigation experience with the Wisepilot which gives you quality maps from NAVTEQ.

Most significant improvements that bring this Android GPS app like the voice guidance feature, with this feature you can control the applications with your voice the Lane Assistance is other notable feature, and with this you can get in the right lane as you approach an intersection, the junction views which helps you to prepare your motorway exit in advance with a guiding display, speed limits and alerts which show the speed limits and the alerts while driving.

The “nigh colors” is the other feature which comes the Wisepilot GPS app, you can choose between night and day mode for navigation.

A new feature is included by Wisepilot app, the “Follow me” feature which shares with your friends your trip and let them follow you in real time.

Other powerful features which comes the Wisepilot are that, Speed Cameras, Live Traffic, Route of your choice, 3D worldwide maps, Abroad, My Trips, Worldwide Maps, One Line Search  and more

When the trial period is done you can purchase the application from the Wisepilot website

Download the Wisepilot trial version from Google Play Store

ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation GPS android app

ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation is another powerful GPS application for Android devices  is a GPS based mapping and navigation application with the Follow Me™ augmented reality navigation.

The new panoramic Car kit is available for purchasing on the and the price is € 19.99.

With ROUTE 66 Maps plus navigation for free map viewer you have instant access to over 100 maps, you have free maps updates, browse maps, search, calculate, works with the stored maps on your phone and with server based maps, you can download the maps directly in your device no need the computer for that, high resolution 3D content in many cities around the world, multi-touch map browsing, you can easily share your favorite location with your friends,

For premium navigation features you’ll find from ROUTE 66 Maps plus navigation the Turn-by-turn voice guided navigation, the 2D and 3D with augmented reality navigation, drive or walk feature, faster and shortest route options, real traffic information with the dynamic rout recalculation, voice guidance continues when app is in the background and more.

You can try all premium feature before you purchase a license.

The ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation is available for download in Google Play store.

The trial version and for the license you can buy it from the site.

 CoPilot GPS ALK Technologies

CoPilot GPS is a great  new free offline route planning and local exploring  for your android device, you can easily explore and navigate finding the best way for all places you need to go without have an internet connection, all the maps and the detailed street maps are stored in your Android’s memory.

Like key features, you can enjoy  the Premium quality 2D street maps stored on the Android’s memory, Millions of Points of Interest, Alternate Routes, Driving directions, Walking mode, Social sharing.

For a premium experience with CoPilot GPS ALK Technologies you’ll find the full CoPilot Live voice-guided feature, turn-by-turn navigation, 3D map views, realistic ClearTurn™ display and more

 Download the Copilot GPS ALK Technologies from the Google Play Store

 Garmin Navigator GPS android app

Garmin Navigator is a great GPS app, this app turns your Android device into a personal GPS, includes a free basic navigation with premium features requiring a subscription or day pass, for the free features included you’ll find the Driving and walking, Always up-to-date maps for Australia, Navigate to addresses in your Contacts,  Experience premium features for the first 7 days for free no subscription required.

For the premium features the Garmin Navigator offers 3D junction views with lane guidance, Multi-route trip, live traffic updates, Petrol prices for nearby petrol stations, Speed camera and red light camera alerts, personalized navigation with free voices and more.

The pricing is for 24 hour pass $1.95, for Monthly subscription $7.95 first month FREE for new customers and for 12 month pass you can save 25% and the price is  $69.95

Terms & Conditions can be found here:

Download free Garmin Navigator trial version from Google Play Store.

In future I am expecting other titles for the Android GPS applications, and, personally, I would like to install and navigate with the best smart GPS Android apps on my tablet or smartphone with HD display.

Use our comment section and share with us the names for other GPS android apps that you believe are the best and let us know why you think that.


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