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Best Backup Battery Packs to Extend Your Phone’s Performance

Counting on a battery pack or a power bank is the most optimum way to extend the uptime of your phone or laptop. However, it is much-needed to choose a good quality power back.

Basis one’s distinctive needs, there are various options. Some provide quick charging while some ensure extended backup. The selection of a particular product typically depends on one’s budget, needs and features availability. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones below.

Daily Use with Integrated Cable: EasyAcc 6,000 mAh ($19)

The power bank you count on a daily basis needs the most sought after: an integrated USB cable. There are variousoptions to do this, however EasyAcc is undoubtedly the best.

The device comes with a single type of cable. As this cable flips out, you can easily connect it to your phone. The device also features a regular USB port, if you want to use a longer or different cable like the USB Type-C.

Safest for USB Type C: Kanex GoPower ($64)

It is always great to count on a single port for everything with USB Type C. However, on the other side, a poor quality charger could be dangerous with USB-C.

One good option is Kanex GoPower that comes with 15,000 mAh battery and has the power to charge everything from phones to MacBooks. You can charge two devices simultaneously, one via USB-C and one via regular USB-A.

For Power-eating Devices: Anker PowerCore+ 26800 ($110)

This is a battery pack that is meant for devices that demand high power. It has the capability to charge three devices simultaneously: with one port for a USB Type-C cable, and two ports for a Lightning or Micro-USB cable. Always make sure you get a USB-C cable that won’t damage your devices.

The PowerCore+ can be rechargedcompletely in less than five hours; therefore only a small amount of time to access a power plug should still be enough.

Traveler’s “Charge Anything” Pack: RavPower Universal Travel Charger ($146)

The RavPower Universal Power Bank Travel Charger is a great option for travelers. That’s majorly because of the built-in AC outlet, which allows you use the battery like any power outlet on a wall. Connect a plug and you’ve got power.

It’s really a great product for those who remain more on travel as they can charge a lot more devices than just phones and tablets.

Though it’s a bit heavy and expensive product, it’s seriously an awesome device for people on the go.

Emergency Charger in Wallet: TravelCard ($29)

Sometimes, it is not possible to carry a battery pack with you. However, this doesn’t mean that you can go without power. Just think of a power back that always accompany you.

TravelCard has the shape and size of a credit card and less than 5 mm thick. It means you can easily put it in one of the credit card slots of your wallet. With 15000 mAh of battery backup, one can easily charge his phone enough to get basic functionality.


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