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How to Unbrick Nokia 8

Nokia 8 is a very good phone running purely on Android operating system. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t have technical issues in routine use. You should know what to do when such problems occur. In this article, we’ll offer some solutions to some common problems, which are applicable to the Android OS and which can also be used for the Android OS. You’ll learn how to unbrick Nokia 8 phone.

By methods given in this article, you can address many software related problems in the phone, which is caused by the Android core system. However, hardware related issues can be fixed only at service centre. Most software related issues are caused by unresponsive programs or inappropriate apps, some kind of malware or corrupted Android files.

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An update of such type can also cause damage to Android platform, so you should be extremely careful. Make sure you always run an antivirus program and double check the manual tweaking process.  

The most common Android related are boot loops, lags, hangs, bugs, screen freeze, battery drain, heating issues, and many of these malfunctions can be resolved if we manage to restore the Nokia 8 back to its default state,  and this can be achieved with the help of the following guidelines.

So, backup your personal data before starting the process. Not doing so means, you can end up losing data.  So secure all your call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps and further more.

How to Unbrick Nokia 8

First Access Android Safe Mode

In the first step, make sure to enter in the safe mode and when you boot into this mode, all third party apps and processes will be disabled by default. It can help you get an idea about the potential malfunction due to a third party app. This is how the Android Safe Mode can be rebooted on the Nokia 8 smartphone:

  1. Press the Power button.
  2. It displays the Power option.
  3. Tap and keep tapping on the Power off option.
  4. Now “go to safe mode”.
  5. Wait till the reboot sequence ends.
  6. Now the safe mode will be displayed.


Make a hard reset of Nokia 8

Consider completing a hard reset if your problem is not solved. Before doing that save all of your personal data as with malicious apps your files you will also be removed. It will give a fresh restart to your phone. There is a high probability that your problems will be solved.

Now clear app data cache

If after making a hard reset, you will be dealing with a boot loop or other issue that means you need to clear app data cache. This operation will remove any hidden files, and processes associated with certain third party apps. So, just follow:

  1. Enter recovery mode on your Nokia 8.
  2. Now choose “wipe data factory reset” for initiating the hard reset.
  3. Then, select “wipe cache partition”.
  4. Return to main menu of recovery, go to advanced and finally select “wipe dalvik cache”.
  5. Choose “reboot system now”.

How to reinstall the stock Android firmware

If above methods don’t solve your problems, reinstall the stock Android OS. Before doing that revoke all the tweaking procedures previously given.  You should also remember that this is a manual method and phone’s USB drivers must be installed. Now download the full Android firmware package and install the SP Flash Tool on your computer.


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