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Cinetrak Movie and TV Show Tarcking App Review

CineTrak is a new Movie and TV Show tracking app that is built with gamification elements such as achievements, profile levels, and personal statistics. CineTrak also takes full advantage of Google’s Material Design process giving it a clean and intuitive UI.

The app features a rich set of features including:

Movies and TV Show discovery using a wide range of lists which include: Trending, Popular, and Most Anticipated.
Watchlist management: CineTrak is your personal movie guide that allows you to handle all your favorite shows and movies with simple gestures.
Google Material Design standards which provide a unique experience in terms of presentation and usage
Access trailers, multi-rating sources (Trakt, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic), reviews, synopsis, duration, genre…etc.
Build Collections of Movies and TV Shows. This allows users to manage their library of DVDs, Blu-rays, Digital and VHS tapes
Check-in to movies and episodes to easily share what you are currently watching with your friends and family
TV Show management features allow users to quickly analyze their progress and point out what episode should be next on their watchlist.
Curated lists give users access to the best picture-winning movies, best Oscar-winning and top grossing movies in addition to many other regularly updated categories
Staff picks contain the best Oscar and Award-winning movies and celebrities
Stay on track of the latest movie and show releases
Instantly access every movie and episode you watched by opening your Movie History
Open any Movie or Show on other well-known resources such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes using quick shortcuts
CineTrak provides recommendations for both Shows and Movies.
Full support
Free Cloud Account provided by Trakt
A free account is required to manage watchlists. This allows users to easily save and synchronize their data across all smartphones, tablets and web browsers. If users do not want to create an account, they can log in using alternative methods such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

The project is self-funded as the creators clearly explain and CineTrak offers a premium purchase using a Kickstarter-like system allowing users to contribute as much as they please. Any purchase unlocks all features. The only difference is the type of badge users receive and this is entirely cosmetic.

For the latest updates, CineTrak can be found on the below social media channels:

CineTrak Summary

Development Team:

Elias Haykal

Release Date:

October 12, 2017


Android 4.0+



Free with IAP starting at $2.99

IAP start from $2.99 to $99 offering users the ability to support the project with a donation of their choice


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