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Discover the Traveler in You With These Travel Apps For Android Devices

Nature has given us such a beautiful world that we never want to leave. But nothing remains forever and it’s up to us how we choose to spend our life on this planet. There are many people who want to make the most of it by traveling new places. If you’re one of them, your Android smartphone could be your best companion. But how? From booking hotels, flight tickets to obtaining useful information, local sightseeing, understanding culture, languages, there is a lot that you can do by using your smartphone. Let’s check out some fabulous travel apps that would make yell BON VOYAGE!!

# 1 Airbnb

It is one of the most widely used travel apps among Android users. The app provides the users a lot of stuff right from renting out spare rooms to finding local information. Did you know it features over 2.5 billion homes across over 190 countries? You can be a part of the same if you wish to. Though the app sometimes shows interrupted performance, this doesn’t make a big difference to the overall experience.

# 2 is another most appealing and popular travel app for millions of people worldwide. The best part of this app is its enormous amount of information related to hotels, places, landmarks, and local Wi-Fi hotspots. You could also seek help from offline maps, paperless booking, add reservations to your calendar, and lots more. For beginners, this app is must and offers a great help anytime anywhere.

# 3 GasBuddy

This is certainly a traveler’s best friend. As its name indicates, the app enables users to find the nearest gas station. This app is of great use and could help you get your vehicle’s tank filled up in the most feasible manner. As the app is crowdsourced so you can report new gas prices if the ones you saw in the app were erroneous. That way it helps everybody.

# 4 Google Trips

This is one of the newer travel apps by none other than Google. It’s more like a trip planner that allows people to plan their reservations, prepare itinerary, and much more at one place. Besides letting people store all of that stuff, the app has a list of adjoining tourist attractions that are both interesting and family friendly. More than that, the app also works in offline mode so you’ll get access to the info even in areas with no internet access. It’s newer and that means it does still need a bit of work.

# 5 Kayak

This app has been on the market for quite long and is considered as the most reliable travel app for travelers. From booking flights, hotels, to car rentals, there is a lot that people can choose to do with it. Easy to use, it provides an easy and effective user experience to users in a productive way.


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