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Dolphin Browser for Android apk 10.0.4 version free for download

Download Dolphin Browser Android

A new version of Dolphin Browser for Android is now available for download for all Android smartphones and tablets, this new release is named Dolphin Browser for Android 10.0.4 version.

The new version comes for all its users with some major changes, improvements and bugs fixes.

Moreover, the new iteration offers now support for 21 languages, and in additional it comes with Dolphin Home edit support.

The latest updates for Dolphin Browser also comes with some new optimizations  as Tab list animation optimization, Improved support for reporting issues, Popup menu interaction optimized where the pop-up menu will disappear when the users taps the tab section and the stability were improved with Cache to SS and Crash bugs.

In additional,  the new version has some bugs solved as the most visited folder clear bug, comes with improved support for reporting issues from the previous version; also it brings improved stability of Share Page to Devices. The latest Dolphin Browser for Android also comes with implemented fixes for a multitude of bugs for offering the stability and optimization.

For those out of the loop,  the Dolphin Browser is a fast and easy-to-use web browser application for Android-based devices. It comes packed with numerous features specially developed to help its users navigate the web more easily directly from their mobile devices.

Download Dolphin Browser for Android apk 10.0.4 version.

Clicking the link above you can download the Dolphin Browser for Android apk file, or you can  download and install the latest Dolphin Browser from Google Play Store you can visit this link, where you can download this app


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