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Download and install Photosphere the new official Android camera APK for all

Download and install photosphere official android app

The latest Android OS versions come with new features and applications modified related with the specified devices. The same thing is for HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Google Play version, which come with a specific camera user interface application. Now, this stock Android camera APK file can be used for anyone who want it.

As I said before, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play editions and HTC One devices come with a modified camera app comparing with Nexus 4 device.

This new application was originally scheduled to be integrated in the next Android 4.3 version, but as we can see, this application was integrated on the Android 4.2.2 for HTC One and Galaxy S4 Samsung Play Edition.

The new camera application is on the most part the same like the one on the Google Nexus 4 device, but this new application comes with the settings menu modified. With the new version, you can use the settings menu to change the features and its options like the expose, flash mode, zoom, volume and more. The volume buttons can be used like a shutter button; you can use it up or down buttons from your device to snapshots.

The good news is that, today we can install and use this new camera app directly onto other devices running Android 4.0 SO or higher. This apk file is extracted from Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition devices, and shared for us with this standalone APK file.

Of course, keep in mind that you’ll use the app on a smartphone it wasn’t designed for, so you’ll use this app at your own risk.

 The new stock Android camera APK – Photo Sphere is available to download by XDA-Developers, or you can use the link below. From the comment of the forums, installation for this application doesn’t require to have root rights over your device.

Download the new stock Android camera APK –Photo Sphere from here

For installing the APK file on your Android device you just need to:

  • Download the APK file on your Android device directly via the web.
  • Open it with a file manager application.
  • Now, Accept terms and conditions.
  • Follow the screen instructions.

The main features that the new stock app camera apk are that new settings menu, possibility to use the Volume UP and Down buttons for snapshots, Photo Sphere, HDR for the devices which support the HDR.

Please use our comment section for sharing with us the new Photo-Sphere experience directly from your Android device.


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