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Download Google Translate for Android

Google translate for android is a very useful application when you use smartphone based on Android operating system.
It is an application that helps us to quickly translate words or phrases in more than 64 languages.
With his speed, but also the stability that has, Google Translate for Android is an application that is among the best applications of translation in the world.
It has an easy to use interface where you can use text, voice, and the recognition of images. (For text, we can type text or import it.)

With Google Translate you can to translate text between 64 language, you can use the camera to take pictures and brush the text to translate, this functions are available on Android 2.3 and above.

Now you can communicate with your friends using speech-to-speech translation in your conversation Mode (ALPHA, 14 languages).

When you use Google Translate start by choosing the language you want to translate into another language from a drop down list with all available languages.
At the bottom of the screen are three buttons that represent the three ways to input message (text, voice or image).
After the message, press enter and you will see that the translation application will quickly translate the message entered.
The application Google Translate for Android is in the category ‘Must Have’ in applications suite available for Android. Google Translate for Android works very well, I did not notice the functional bugs or errors, it happens sometimes not recognize certain words. It is a free application for Android.

Download Google Translate for Android


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