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Download latest Firefox APK Browser for Android

Firefox for Android apk

Today we will present you one great browser for your Android named Firefox, now is available for download officially the version 19 from Google Play Store, but also from our article you’ll find to download Firefox for android apk 19 version.

Firefox for android is a powerful browser that provides all the basics features and support for mobile browsing. The main key for Firefox is Sync feature, and the Firefox browser from Mozilla sync the bookmarks, passwords, you open tags, preferences and history  between your Android devices with other instance of Firefox. The setting for the Sync feature is now easiest for two devices next to each other but can be easier if the devices are not.

Firefox encrypts your data before to be send, and the data remains encrypted on the servers. The data cannot be accessed, in this way your data are save, you have the possibility to setting up your own sync server.

The Firefox browser for Android has a lot of features like the possibility to tap-to-play for plugins, you can deactivate plugins. As its desktop version, you can install add-ons, the add-ons aren’t common between the desktop and the Android version, but you have a lot of useful add-ons available.

It has a remarkable Zoom feature in the Firefox for Android; on the security part you can create a Master Password, you can clear your history, your site-specific settings, and private data or to disable your cookies; also you can disable the password management function. The browser has multiple modalities to interact with your Android device, can control your mobile’s camera, battery status, geolocator and so on.

To conclude Firefox for Android is a free web browser fast, smart, easy to use tabs, and desktop-to-mobile Sync features, is safe, easy to use and customizable. This new version makes the users continue to use Firefox for their Android device. For a complete list of features,  you can check out

You can download the latest version of Firefox browser for Android from Google Play Store viziting this page, or you can download the apk version from below link.

Download Firefox for Android (APK) 19.0


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