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Download latest Viber Free Calls Messages apk Android app

download Viber app apk

Viber is a free call and text app available for Android devices, from our article you’ll be able to download the latest Viber app version apk file from the end of this post, but let’s describe its principal’s features.

With Viber,  the Android users can calling and texting in their countries and internationally. The main advantage when you use this application is that this Android tool is free and allows all its users to initiate and to receive calls and text over VoIP with the help of 3G and Wi-Fi internet connections. So if, the Viber is running in your Android smartphone and you want to call a friend who has the Viber installed on its device, then only an internet connection is required to call at no cost. This app is perfectly integrated with Android OS, and a impressive feature is that you won’t need a user name and a password to register for using this app, only your telephone number will be use such as an ID.

The Viber installation is easy, and the setup of it is also simply and fast. After you have been installed the Viver in your Android device you should enter your phone number and immediately Viber system will reply you with an SMS text, where you’ll receive a confirmation code for verifying your phone number.

Immediately after you received the confirmation code you can allow the app to scan your address book and you’ll be able to see which contacts are registered in the Viber network, and that’s all you can start calling then or texting for free even if these contacts are based internationally.

The big surprise is the quality of the audio calls, it is clear and when we’ve tested with our friends always was the same high level of good quality.

A powerful feature we truly appreciate at this application is the possibility to use the Viber for incoming calls without already having the Viber application open. When you’re receiving the incoming calls as soon when you have been answered the Viber launches, and you just connect on this application and after a few seconds you can start speaking.

Also, Viver is a excellent alternative to Skype for the Android users those are interested in a having an application that is focused on a calling feature and texting only using your phone number.

Clicking on the download Viber apk file from below you’ll be able to download and install the apk version of this application; also for the latest version of Viber app for Android you can visit the Google Play Store link from here.

Download Viber free calls messages latest app apk from here


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