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Download Mediafire for Android APK-50GB Store, Backup and Share for free

mediafire android apk

When you download the MediaFire apk for android you need know this extraordinary storage service is one of the best cloud storage worldwide, with a small Android application you can access 50 GB free space for storing your personal files, there you can put and keep music, videos or documents, you can store everything you want with this powerful service. As you know other trusted storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox offers 2 GB or maximum 5GB of free space Storage.

MediaFire comes with a complete and easy to use the service for a totally digital stuff management, the principal advantage is that you can access this store space whenever and wherever you go, Mediafire system makes possible to have always your files with you. When it comes to speak about features, you need know the Mediafire android app offers us a user friendly interface which offers us to access all your documents, photos, videos, or any type of files from anywhere. With MediaFire,  you can keep all important files at your fingertips, easy to view docs, presentation or video, or simply listen to audio.

Other features are that, you can upload android gallery images; you can easily take and upload pictures and video files directly in the MediaFire Android application, you have the total control in the folder manage folders and files, quickly search all files, folders inside of MediaFire. A feature I honestly like very much at the MediaFire app is that, with copy and paste links you can share file on the SMS or via email, or can post this link where you want.  Your entire files stored on your MediaFire account are safe and accessible via the website.

Download MediaFire for Android apk

How to Install MediaFire Android Application on your Android device:

  • Firstly, after you downloaded MediaFire for Android application from Google PLAY Store to your Android device and then open this application.
  • Now you can store your files and share these same. You can upload the files directly from your Android device, only open the application, follow the screen instructions and you’ll upload your files in the MediaFire cloud store

Note: The MediaFire app supports most of the Android Operating System versions.

Please, let us know if you successfully download and install MediaFire apk into your android, using our below comment section.


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