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Download RSD Lite and Root Motorola Droid smartphone

motorola droid smartphone

If you need to root yourr Motorola Droid android device, you must use RSD Lite application. We will teach you  to install and use the RSD Lite app for rooting the Motorola Droid device.


The root access is required for several applications. If you want to improve the performance of your Android device and to customize its Android OS, the root access is a must for your device.

When you root your device you need know the device warranty will void.  Anyway, the warranty can be restored by updating the official or stock ROM and of course re-locking the bootloader.  When you restore the warranty the root access will be revoked.

The root process is a complex operation, and you must backup all yours important data stored in the device.

First some requirements are necessary:

  • Download RSD Lite 5.6 and save it in PC.
  • Download ROM Onix Beta 20 (for installing Custom ROM Android 2.2 – if you don’t want to get Froyo, you don’t have to download this file.
  • SPRecovery ESE81
  • Windows Motorola Droid USB Device Drivers for 32-bit
  • Windows Motorola Droid USB Device Drivers for 64-bit

Download RSD Lite and Root the Motorola Droid device – Guide

  1. Open the RSD.rar file and then extract its content.
  2. Click on the RSD.exe (executable), the installation process will begin immediately.
  3. Follow in the windows the prompts and the steps to complete installation.
  4. Open RSD Lite.
  5. Connect the Motorola Droid to the PC using the original USB cable.
  6. Reboot the Motorola device and then enter in bootloader mode for making this hold the rocker button while powering on.
  7. Now, on the RSD Lite window find and select the .rdf file and after that click on “start”.
  8. Now, all you need to wait until the root process is completed.
  9. Now, reboot your Motorola Droid smartphone.
  10.  The Motorola Droid smartphone is now rooted.

Using the RSD Lite for rooting the Motorola Droid smartphone is easy.  You can flash different custom ROMs and install custom recovery image into the device.

How to install custom Onix 2.2 Froyo ROM on your Motorola Droid device – Tutorial

First, go and find the ROM downloaded previously and rename the ROM file archive as “”.

  1. Now copy and paste the file to your smartphone’s SD card.
  2. Now, reboot the Motorola Droid smartphone and after that enter in the Recovery Mode.
  3.  To do that press the “X” key from the keyboard while power on.
  4. Now choose to perform a wipe: “Wipe data factory reset” and then “wipe cache partition”.
  5. After that, return to the recovery menu.
  6. Select “select zip from SD card” and “install zip from sd card”. To  choose the file copied previously on the SD card. Now wait until the installation is completed and don’t press anything.
  7. Now, from recovery menu select “+++go back+++” and after that “reboot system now”.

That’s all; now the Motorola Droid smartphone is rooted and have flashed the Onix 2.2 Froyo custom ROM.



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