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Download the latest Adobe PDF Reader APK for Android

Adobe APK PDF Reader

Today, smartphones are more closely to us as is a PC portable or a Desktop PC, that’s why the developers give us the option to have alternatives to the software we’re using frequently on our PCs.

In the same time,  the Android owners research the software to get portability for all their actions in the new Android devices that they have bought, this think helping people do anything they want wherever they are if an available computer isn’t near of them.

Today, we will introduce you a great solution to read and manage your PDF files on your Android device. This application is Adobe PDF Reader for Android. In this article, you will find the link to download the latest version of the Adobe PDF Reader and the apk file for this application.

When you have a strong activity on the internet or you’re working with a lot of pdf files, a PDF Reader application is a “must have” tool, that’s why Adobe comes to help they users who search an application for reading their PDF files.

Adobe’s PDF Reader is a great app that lets Android users open and read the PDF files that they‘ve stored or got directly from the internet inside the browser.

The Adobe’s PDF Reader has a multitouch gesture that allow users to use it for zooming, landscape orientation, and the automatically resize features to fit your Android smartphone or Tablet device:

The main advantage is that it can open large files, 12 MB picture-rich PDF files for example is opened around four seconds.  The application has a lot of features, and we will talk a bit about the most notable of them

The main function is to help you to read the PDF documents. You can easily and quickly open document from a different location, email, web, applications that support the PDF files and so on. When you open it, the application has a friendly UI and you can easily search text to find a specific information about what you need to know, easily zoom feature for text or images for a perfect and closer view, Night Mode feature for reading in dark locations, Brightness Lock.

Also, the developer’s website comes with the option to store and access documents straight from the cloud, there you can share file across your devices, desktop PCs or mobile devices. There, you can automatically to save your changes and to synchronize between your devices.

Navigation trough the PDF content documents are remarkably easy, and you can navigate quickly thought the large documents, this thing is possible using the thumbnails; also you can go anywhere inside of the documents by typing the number of the page that you want to read it. In its interface,  you have the potential to return at your previous positions, navigate on the web directly from the link that is stored into PDF documents.

If you want to organize your PDF documents, with Adobe PDF reader for Android is remarkably easy, I tell you that because the application has the option to create folders and to manage your documents real easy, makes copies, rename the title of the pdf documents, easy to select and easy to delete them.

Also, a new feature is included in the Adobe PDF reader for Android: the option to sign in your documents electronically by using the Adobe EchoSign , “Send for Signature” service, where you can use your finger to sign in any documents.

The print and Share property are also presented with this delightful PDF toll, using this two features you can easily share, email and print your PDF documents; also you can use the Print feature with Google Cloud Print

Download the Adobe PDF Reader for Android device APK 10.4.2 from here

The Adobe PDF Reader for Android device is a free application and for the latest version you can download from the Google Play store from here, or you can download its apk file from the above link.


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