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Exclusive: This is Google’s new “Nexus Launcher” that may debut on the 2016 Nexus phones

If sources are to be believed, Google is planning to debut a brand-new launcher for Nexus devices by 2016. It may be installed in its Marlin and Sailfish. The news has been revealed by a prominent Android news portal Android Police. We have presented a lot of animated Gifs and images to give you a feel of the coming changes.



As you can see below the new launcher has done away with the app drawer icon. The drawer icon is hidden under ‘frosted glass’ along some static set of icons on the bottom part of the homescreen. You can slid up in the ‘Frosted Zone’. You just need to tap the arrow for the purpose.

In order to close the drawer, swipe down from anywhere except the notification and Nav bar. You can even hit back the button to do that.

When you move to homescreen, we see the standard Google Search widget has been removed and it’s replaced by a calendar widget.  You can observe that animations around the ‘G’ button have changed behaviour when newer version of the search APK with Nexus launcher. However, we don’t have any demonstration about it.

We expect that the new nav buttons to launch, including some form of Flower home button. Google may also be thinking to introduce a very big search widget.


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