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Features of Samsung Galaxy S5. What you should know about it

Samsung Galaxy S5

We wondered about what hides Samsung Galaxy S5.

The folks from Cnet reviewed after the Congress in Barcelona the fresh phone announced by Samsung.

We will have Samsung Galaxy S5 on the market in April, and those from Cnet tested it at Barcelona: the new fingerprint scanner, 16-megapixel camera, OS and they discovered little secrets.

There were rumors that the S5 will have a metal casing, but the official announcement disbanded.

The biometrics fingerprint scanner is an optional measure that can be used to unlock the phone and make a purchase through PayPal. You can register up to 3 fingerprints.

Samsung added the heart rate monitor because there are more and more people using personal health gadgets. It is a small sensor located on the back of the phone that analyzes yours vitals. Do not try replacing medical equipment; this feature is more to get them over their competitors.

There are new features in terms of interface, some more refined than others. We will see changes in camera application, in the notification bar and menu. Also, Samsung has renamed some applications, virtual keyboard has been modified and has been removed Samsung Hub.

Besides, the new elements that Samsung have pulled in front, to show what brings additional the phone there are three factors that will impress: Quick Connect, Toolbox, New settings for the camera

S Beam is countless for distributing content between two NFC enabled phones, and when you want to move things from the phone elsewhere you have Quick Connect.

In the settings menu, you will notice an option called Toolbox. This is a manner to shorten the road to certain applications and can be edited. Toolbox can be relocated anywhere on the screen, and it is easy to use with one hand.

There are new settings for the camera, starting with the selective focus, some special details such as pictures in action or the possibility to protect your pictures with Samsung Knox.

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