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First-gen NVidia Shield gets Nougat, Prime Video, And Other Features

For users, it is great as they can try out new features. This Android update brings several software advancements along with a promise to bring Nougat to the company’s Shield tablet.

There is no doubt in the point that NVidia Shield is a sure shot winner in its category, but it doesn’t mean that the time has come to sell off your existing streaming box just to make it your own. This is because the latest update has hit the market and it promises to deliver unparalleled software experience on the latest hardware settings. It is meant to bring new life to your Shield and wipe out possible envy from those you received the latest version.

Android is a popular mobile OS not only because of its fabulous user experience but also due to frequent updates it gets every week. These updates are meant to enhance the experience for phones and tablets on U.S carriers, unlocked phones, Android TV devices, and smartwatches. Keeping these updates in mind, it is necessary to keep your Android device running and always updated. This way, you would not only get latest features but also find a way to avoid harmful bugs and security gaps.


Shield TV (2015): An update to Nougat is wrapped inside the Shield Experience Upgrade 5.0. Besides Nougat, users can now be able to use Nvidia’sGameStream at the superior 4K HDR quality. The Shield Hub has been substituted with Nvidia Games, and users can choose to stream PC games with performance up to GeForce GTX 1080.

Moreover, it has also included Amazon Video app that is truly worthy.

NVidia is also coming up with new apps for Twitter, NFL, Comedy Central, Vimeo, and Viki. Multitasking tends to go easier and it would be faster to switch to a previous app. Once you get the software update, you’ll receive a separate update for the remote. There are several other features include such as an option to play and pause the current programming just by double tapping the volume slider.

Shield Tablet: According to NVidia forum, the NVidia Tablet is expected to get Nougat “in a few weeks.” This is poised to remove the “will it/won’t it” ration from the balance. Therefore, it’s time to just wait for the update which is on its way.


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