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Flash Official CM 11 Nightlies ROM on Google Nexus 5

CM 11 on Nexus 5

This new custom ROM is designed by the CyanogenMod tem, and it has come to  to offer a great Android 4.4 KitKat experience for all users who love new features and applications from Android 4.4 KitKat system and custom CM based features such as CyanogenMod Account, screencasting and more


  • This guide works only with Google Nexus 5 device. Do not use it on any other incorrect devices you can easily brick your device.
  • The Nexus 5 device needs an unlocked botloader and also it should be a rooted device having  the latest version of CWM or TWRP Recovery installed on it.
  • Note: if the device doesn’t have an unlocked bootloader, t will wipe all data from the Nexus 5 device.
  • During the step by step guide,  a ‘factory reset’ for Nexus 5 device is required. This action will erase all data stored on the device’s internal system partition, but will keep the data in device’s internal storage.
  • The ‘factory reset’ step can be skipped only if the smartphone has a previous CM11 Nightly build.
  • Ensure that have a  full NANDROID backup for your actual installed ROM. This represents a restore point for the Nexus 5 smartphone. Make sure that you have the backup of all installed applications by using the Helium application from Google Play Store.
  •  Now, create the backup all the SMS, APN Internet Settings, and Sync your Contacts by using your Gmail account.
  • This is for educational purpose only and do it at your own risk.
  • Ensure that you do not skip any step Make sure that the device’s battery charge level is more than 60 %.
  • to be applied before you continue with the second part of our step by step guide.

How to install the CM 11 Nightly based on Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for Nexus 5:

  1. First, download the new CM 11 Nightly ROM file from here, ensure that to download the latest build available there.
  2. Second, download the Gapps for Android 4.4 ROM from here.
  3. Once the both files are downloaded, connect the device to the computer.
  4. Copy and Paste (Move) both downloaded zip files to the Nexus 5 device’s internal storage.
  5. Do not unzip the files.
  6. Once the downloaded files are copied successfully, disconnect the device from the PC.
  7. Now, turn off the Nexus 5 device.
  8. Boot it into Bootloader Mode and after that boot it into custom Recovery Mode menu.
  9. Note: Both custom recovery images (CWM/TWRP) Recovery will work, but you need to have installed the latest version.
  10. You can use this step by step guide to boot the device into custom Recovery Mode menu from here, it works forfor Nexus 5 device too.
  11. From the main menu of the CWM or TWRP custom image,  you need to create a full ROM Nandroid Backup for the actual installed OS.
  12. For users, who have the CWM: select: “backup and restore”, give a name of the file and store it on the Nexus 5 device’s internal storage.
  13. For users who have the TWRP: select “Backup” and  swipe to confirm the backup operation.
  14. Now, apply a Factory Reset operation: For CWM select “wipe data/factory reset”,confirm and for TWRP: press Wipe and then press Factory Reset option and confirm the process.
  15.  Do not skip this step unless the Nexus 5 device already runs a previous CyanogenMod 11 Nightly custom ROM.
  16. Next, install the new CM 11 firmware file. For CWM,  you need to select ‘install zip from sdcard’, and after that select‘choose zip from sdcard’,  browse the CM 11 Nightly zip file and confirm its installation.  For TWRP,  you need select Install, browse the CM11 Nightly zip file and confirm the installation by swiping the blue button on the display.
  17. Now, wait until the new CM 11 custom ROM is installed.repeat the step 11 actions. But  now select to install the Gapps zip file.
  18. Now, when the both files are flashed, return to the main custom Recovery Mode menu and select “Reboot your phone now”.
  19. The first boot should take a while to complete, during the process, you shouldn’t press any buttons, till the new system is loaded completely.
  20. Once the Home Screen of the new CM 11 Nightly ROM is displayed,  you can enter your CyanogenMod/Google account and that it the installation process.


If the first boot process takes more than 12 minutes to be done or the device enters into a boot loop, you need to turn off the smartphone and then boot the device into “Recovery Mode” repeat the above tutorial once again but now ensure that you apply  the “factory reset” action, you can try to apply “wipe/format system” too, this option is a different action than “factory reset”.



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