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How to Flash ROMs and Make Backups Without a Custom Recovery

It is not easier to work with a rooted smartphone and you need different tools to accomplish different tasks. There are some tasks that can be completed on phone, but for others you need a computer connection. So it does not remain user friendly.

There is an app, however, that can handle everything—Flashfire. It flashes ROMs, and makes backup, and even installs factory images without losing out the root facility. The biggest advantage with it is that you don’t require custom recovery tool like Fastboot. It all happens within Android.

The Reason to Use Flash Fire

If you have a rooted phone and you install a lot of ROMs or other mods, so there is no doubt about your capability in this. FlashFire provide similar functionalities like TWRP, however it runs within the Android system. So you won’t require to reboot everytime and you don’t even require a custom recovery installed at all. It works like any other app.  It makes flashing ROMs and making backups so much quicker and easier.

And it also has a couple of useful extra features that you won’t find elsewhere. These include the ability to flash official firmware images on the device without needing to connect it to a PC, and the ability to create backups that you can restore via Fastboot — which makes recovering from problems super simple.

How to Set Up FlashFire

It is a root app that can be downloaded free of cost from the Play Store. The app manufacturer is chainfire, the developer behind it Is SuperSU and the blue light filtering app CF.lumen.

Like all Chainfire’s apps, it can be upgraded to a Pro version with an in-app purchase. There is a “Freeload” mode that allows you to unlock Pro features without paying. You can find this in the app’s setting page.  

When the app is launched first time, it prompts to grant root permissions. Once done, the set up process is completed and you’ll need to click through the disclaimer. Make sure you have backups available before you attempt to flash anything.

How to Make a Backup with Flashfire

The app enables you to make full backups of your device. It is designed to be restored through the app, but also includes a TWRP-compatible file which can be restored through a custom recovery in an emergency.

Under Location, you select where you want to save your backup files. It goes to internal storage by default. If you have a memory card, it will give you an option to save it there.

After that add a descriptive name, choose what you want to add in your backup. It’s a good idea to keep the default options for this. When you’re happy to proceed, tap the big Flash button. The whole process takes some time, and the screen goes black along the way. The phone reboots when it’s over,  but you should avoid doing this anything while the process is going on, otherwise phone can brick.


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