General Overview of Cisco certifications

A popular fact to which we all are familiar with is that Cisco is a top leading networking system for the Internet. The grownup era is all about the upcoming development of technology and the technical career as well. Since there are plenty of opportunities in form of technical careers in IT sector, it is important to get certified. Here we are with the discussion on the Cisco certifications which are a piece of an IT certification as well. Cisco is one of the top-notch networking systems and thus, offers most popular certification programs in the industry of the Information Technology.

Cisco formerly specializes in networking plus communication services as well. Product switching and business routing, directing video, data and voice traffic around the world across networks comprise system working of Cisco Company. Well yes, Cisco is a former company which holds systematic approach towards IT industry and provides with world-class certification. When it is all about technology, it is necessary to get certified in Cisco as it offers a great career path. You are surely going to make your career at best point only if you are Cisco certified. Few of the popular certification programs of Cisco are CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCIE, and CCENT.

An Overview of Cisco Certification Programs


– CCNA Certification Associate Level Program

When you opt for the Cisco certification the very first-mile marker to stumble upon is Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification. Well, Cisco Certified Network Associate is an abbreviation for the CCNA certification program. The certificate profoundly validates the foundation of networking skills in solid form. Under the following certification, various aspects are to be covered up such as:

  • Layer 2 protocols and switching concepts
  • WNA connectivity
  • Routing protocol and its concepts
  • OSI Model Reference
  • Networking protocols

The CCNA certification offers the candidates a validation in the knowledge of above-mentioned aspects. A person possessing the program for CCNA must be familiar with skills in Level 1 troubleshooting and installation of networks. CCNA is an associate level certification program which can be available on official website of Cisco. Networking protocols and topologies are few of the major topics that are covered under CCNA certification.

CCNP Certification Professional Level Program

CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professional is a popular program offering an effective way to learn about networking components. It is a switching and routing certification that is bought up to validate skills to handle local and wide-area enterprise networks. It holds the planning, verifying, implementing and troubleshooting skills to be learned while pursuing the program. The candidates who have at least one year of networking experience can simply apply for the CCNP certification. Individuals achieving the CCNP Routing and Switching certification drastically have a demonstration of skills in such area as:

  • network engineering
  • system engineering
  • support engineering

Pursuing the routing and switching program through the CCNP certification offers a lasting foundation. This is a professional level program which leaves a whole lot of career opportunities for you.

CCDA Certification Associate Level Program

CCDA is an associate level certification program which is highly interrelated to the CCNA certification program. The Cisco Certified Design Associate is a popular certification program that abruptly manages various aspects of networking protocols and systemization as well. It teaches the fundamentals of the network designing and develops skills in managing it. If you are working as a network designer or an architect then attaining the CCDA certification is completely worth it. CCDA has bought up to manage billions of opportunities for the people in designing of networks for support engineers or network engineers. It is equivalent to the CCNA certificate and validates your skills in designing and architectural skills of networking. It is an assessment based exam for 75 minutes and contains 55 o 65 questions associated with the CCDA certification program.

CCIE Certification Expert Level Program

CCIE is another Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching Certifications program completely based on expert level and is an abbreviation for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Engineers who need to manage converged infrastructure based networks must require pursuing this certification program. The CCIE is a major platform for the people who need to troubleshoot or plan or operate networks. Candidates pursuing the CCIE certification may first need to qualify written exam and then they require passing hands-on lab exam. This lab exam test of CCIE is for eight hours where your ability is tested to troubleshoot complex networks. The written exam for CCIE is for 2 hours and covers the concept of networking. It is important that you pass the written exam for getting eligible for the lab exam. If you are not able to pass la exam then you need to pass it within 3 years.

CCENT Certification Entry Level Program

An individual interested in starting with networking professional career can best get CCENT certified as it is an entry-level program. The Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician certification program is for small enterprise networking branch. The following program is designed and developed with an aim to manage the various small aspects of small networks like:

  • planning;
  • operating;
  • troubleshooting

The following certification is for the validation of skills to start with a career in networking. The entry-level program here actually means that learning of skills for the start of a career in networking. It is the first step towards the CCNA certification where you need to handle large-scale network issues.


Cisco is a top networking company that offers billions of the candidates’ right choice for career paths. It serves candidates with lots and lots of stuff related to training in Cisco network management. Cisco contains various web pages for each of its certification programs where it holds e-learning, learning labs, practice exams and other training stuff.

Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t you wish to get a long-lasting career in IT industries? If yes, then opting for the Cisco certification courses can be the right choice. These courses instigate your personality and develop you with all skills for handling networking. Cisco certification courses are available from an entry-level and carry up-to-the professional level. “A little you need to pay and wider you will gain” is a saying which can be applied here for these courses. A little amount would be required for getting Cisco certified at any level of your choice. Just keep in mind that it offers a career of a long time.


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