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Google Duo Receives New Update, APK Download Available Now

Google, the search engine giant has recently launched a new update for its newest app, Google Duo, on Android Operating System. The app Google Duo is typically a 1-to-1 video calling app available for both Android and iOS. The newest update for the app enhances the app functionalities to version 1.0.130986974.RC1_RC39 for android users.

For those who are completely unaware of this, it is important to note that Google Duo was launched just two months ago and became extremely popular all across. Mainly, it is a counteract by Google to outperform FaceTime on iOS platform. See what Google’s official mouthpieces has to say on this:

Google Duo 1.0.130986974.RC1_RC39

The latest update by Google doesn’t come along any changelog, so it can be easily understood it’s primarily meant for about bug fixes and performance enhancements.

And more clearly, the app is going to be a bit better and faster than its earlier version. The most noticeable element about this app is the smart UI. It’s pretty much easy to initiate a call and the app works well even on sluggish networks. Google Duo automatically modifies the resolution in order to maintain the call feasibly and works flawlessly while switching from WiFi to a mobile network.

There is one more amazing feature about the app known as Knock Knock. It enables users to see what the caller is up to even before he or she answers the call.

The new APK for Google Duo 1.0.130986974.RC1_RC39 is now available and can be downloaded following the via the source link given. Google Duo is having the size of just 9.01 MB and works well on Android 4.1 or a newer version of OS installed on your smartphone.


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