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Your Google Plus Account Sign-In is Now Part of Google Play Services

Google+ Sign-In

For all Android users, who use the Google Play Store to download and install applications for their Android device,they should know the Google’s store uses the Google+ profile when you want to review something or for rate.

Google Play Services is a great platform that offering for all Android users a better integration with the Google products, now the Google Play service v3.0 integrated the Google+ Sign-In and the Google Maps Android API improvements.

The Google +Sign-In feature lets users sign in to your Android application with their Google account credentials, and using the login account you can download the application directly from the developer’s website; after you have downloaded and installed the application you can easily connect with your Google Plus friends while you using the app. In additional with the basic authentication, the Google+ Sign-In feature includes options that can improve both app downloads and engagement.

Other feature is that ‘Over-the-air installs from your website’ after you successfully signing in with Google on your website, users will have a new option to download and install your application in their Android device instantly, with this feature you’ll be able to manage and drive more downloads. If you want to link your website and your Android apps, you can register your project, and your clients with the Google APIs console.

Additionally, now you’ll find integrated the Google + social network with the Google Play Store services. You can easily make app customization, when users are login in with Google, after that they can bring their G+ information with them, their public profile information, and their circles friends. Now you can use your personal information from your Google + account to shopping which application you want from Google Play Market place.

The Interactive posts feature lets you share from your app and use the calls to action, the “listen,” “RSVP,” and “check-in” features, also you can use the thumbnails option and brand attribution.

App activity will be visible only to the G+ circles where the users specify.

When you put live the Google+ Sign-In feature, you’ll be able to measure and monitor key metrics, monitor downloads, interactive post performance and the total users. For setting up the Google+ Platform Insights for your Android application you have only to connect it with your G+ page account.

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