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How to Reset an LG Optimus smartphone

LG-Optimus reset

If you use LG Optimus Smartphone, you must be trying your best to check out all the means to upgrade and reset your device. Don’t you know that there are two ways to reset your device, one is a software reset possibility and another one is a hard reset function?

The software reset option can be used when your smartphone doesn’t work well, or the commands are executed with delays, different from the time when you installed the first OS version or when you had bought it. When you do a software reset, your data and the settings remain safe.

If you want to clear all the data and your device’ setting, and you want to return your smartphone to the factory default settings, a hardware restart is able to help you. You have to be sure, you want to do a hardware restart because your personal data, like SMS, call logs, your contacts, internet settings, media files (images, videos, documents and other)  gets deleted when you’ll perform a hard reset for your LG Optimus smartphone.

Pre-requisites and Guidelines:

  • Back-up all your data, before proceeding a hardware reset.  Save your SMS, contacts, call logs, internet settings, images, videos, documents and other data that you think are essential for you to be backed-up.
  •  This tutorial and information listed here are only for instructional and educational purposes, we can’t be blamed or held responsible if you lose any data or you damage your device. The risk is entirely yours

Tutorials for how to reset the software of your LG Optimus Android device.

  1.  First you have to remove the LG Optimus’ battery. To do that, place your fingernail on the back of the smartphone in the slot between the back cover and the top of your LG smartphone body and lift up to remove the device’ battery from your LG Optimus device.
  2. After removing the battery, wait for 10 seconds.
  3.  Now, reinsert the device’ battery on the LG Optimus smartphone. While doing so, you should be careful to insert the battery with the contacts in the specific contact place of the battery compartment.
  4. Take the battery cover and reattach it on its place. After you placed the bottom of the cover over the bottom of the smartphone body, press down on the upper part of the battery cover. Once you hear the click sound that means your battery cover is reattached to the smartphone.
  5. Turn on your LG Optimus device by pressing and holding the power button on the top-right corner of your smartphone, your device will display its Logo screen, and that means your LG Optimus device has finished the software reset.

How to reset hardware (Hard Reset) of the LG Optimus Android smartphone:

  1. Shut down your LG Optimus device by pressing and holding the power button until the device is powered off completely.
  2. Push and hold the HOME and Down Volume buttons at the same time. The Home button is located in front of your device, and it is immediately below the LG display. The Home button has a house drawn on it, and the down button is located on the right side of your LG smartphone.
  3. Now, for 10 seconds, press and keep holding the power button at the same time, you keep holding the “Home” and down volume buttons.
  4. After you pressed and kept holding all three buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, when the smartphone turns on, you can release all the buttons. Now, you have done a complete hardware reset for your LG Optimus device.

Congratulation! You have successfully learnt how to reset your LG Optimus smartphone in two ways, first way with software reset and the second one with the hardware reset.

Please let us know, in our comment section, if you totally reset your LG Optimus device. Happy Reading!



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