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How to Calibrate the Sensors of Your Smartphone

The sensor is an important but quite neglected part of your mobile phone. Here, we are discussing that how to calibrate and make it more efficient.

Sensors are of a different kind one of them is motion sensors, which play a very important role in certain games like Asphalt 8 or Real Racing 3. The other one is proximity sensor which can help us to save a lot of battery power by turning the display off while we’re talking on the phone or by measuring light and adjusting the brightness accordingly. It has often been observed that with the passage of time one or more sensors stop working due to unknown reason.

Check to see if your sensors are working

They are also prone to stop working their functions time to time. One of the probable reasons is that an installed app using a particular sensor is not able to interpret the data correctly. In order to determine that you can download another app, those use the same sensor and use it. Like, if Asphalt 8 is not responding your moves as it should be, you can try Real Racing 3.

However, this try and test method is not always easy. Sometimes you need to some specific apps that can check whether sensors of your smartphone are taking proper measurements or not. Some smartphones like Sony Xperia series (especially Z3) offers a diagnostic tool which enables you to check the performance of each sensor in your smartphone separately or combined.

For devices which don’t offer a diagnostic tool, there is an option to check the performance of sensors. To access them, you’ll need to go the phone dialer and put in a certain number combination. Android has secret codes to access each of their hidden settings, but there are some codes which change according to the manufacturer. You can test the performance of your sensors as well other features like the camera, the display or the audio in different diagnostic modes.


There may be more than one reason you want to calibrate your smartphone’s sensor. It might not be necessary, but you want to make sure that everything is calibrated perfectly. Or maybe something’s not working properly, and you’d like to run this feature to see whether it’s broken or not. Keep in mind that only some of your sensors can be calibrated.

For some LG (G2 series) devices you can calibrate sensors by accessing Settings > General tab > Motion. Follow the instructions and within no time your device’s sensors will be calibrated. For other devices which don’t let you calibrate all sensors, you can download a suitable app to calibrate the sensors. If there is an app available to calibrate, you can reset your device to factory settings and will calibrate you sensor automatically.


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