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How To Change Boot Animation In Android Phone

If you want to customize the start-up appearance of your Android phone, you need to change your Android boot animation. And to do so, you’ll need a rooted device to change your system settings. Let’s understand how you can do this.

How to change boot animation in Android: Root your device

The prerequisite is to root your device. In other words, it means getting administrator privileges on the device. With this, you can take complete control of the hardware and software of your Android smartphone.

Rooting has got tremendously easy over the past few years. Today there are easy-to-use solutions that made it easy for Android users to root their Android smartphones. For example, there is CF-Auto-Root by Chainfire, which feasibly works on multiple different devices.

However, it is necessary to carry out a research on web to understand the procedures to root your device. Though CF is found to be perfect, but there is no harm in exploring other ways to root your Android device.
How to change boot animation in Android: Change your boot animation
There’s primarily two ways to modify your boot animation – the app-way, or the manual way. Both the options are easy, but for those who are anxious over this, it is better to choose the app method.

When it comes to rooting, all Android devices tend to differ. For example, Samsung devices follow a different boot animation format (QMG), which doesn’t work with certain boot animation-changing apps. In addition, the location to change your boot animation within your system might differ depending on your Android device. Therefore, it is recommended to look around for your particular device. XDA Developers is a good site where you can come across lots of user generated content, making it a great place to being with.The downloaded boot animation typically comes in a .zip file (, which you must not unzip nor rename.

When you’re finished with downloading your specific boot animation, copy it to the root directory of your device (internal storage) before you move ahead with changing your boot animation.

How to change boot animation in Android: Going the app way

In this procedure, you have to download Boot Animations from Google Play Store.

Launch the app and choose the Backup/Restore option. Choose Backup as you can always get back to the previous state at any point of time. This is extremely necessary for emergency situations or if you make a failed attempt to a new custom boot animation.

Once you’re done with backing up your current boot animation, search your ‘’ file through the app’s explorer and long press on the file.
You’ll now to prompted to install the boot animation. Please note that you should name it as ‘’, otherwise the app might encounter problems making the changes on your system.

When you choose install, relax and wait for your device to reboot. Many times you’ll see a black screen or a long pause before your boot animation comes out. This is often the result of a boot animation not favourable to your device, or the first initial boot on your device, after the boot animation has been installed.

How to change boot animation in Android: Using a file manager

Download and install an app such as Root Browser or ES File Explorer. This is because these apps have system root features, that allow you change R/O (read-only) and R/W (read-write) system files. Don’t forget to enable the root functionality of these apps.

Open the file manager app and search for original boot animation file (the one that’s already installed on your system, not your downloaded boot animation).

This can be located in ‘/system/media’, basis the device you’re using. Rename your current, stock, original ‘’ file ‘bootanimation.zip1’.
After renaming the original file, remember you’ve saved (again, it should be in ‘/system/media’) and now search your new ‘’ that you downloaded into your root directory.

Copy this file and paste it into ‘/system/media’. To do this, you might be asked to modify your permission to R/W – without the right permissions, you won’t be allowed to paste the file in the R/O system directory.

Similar to app way, name it ‘’, or else your system will encounter issues loading the new boot animation.

Once you’re done with pasting, you’ll see two files, ‘’ and ‘bootanimation.zip1’. This is because if you ever want to go back to your system’s default boot animation, you can do so just by deleting your current, newer ‘’ and renaming the ‘bootanimation.zip1’ file without the ‘1’.

When the process is finished, reboot your device. You should now see the new boot animation. Please note that on first boot you might see some glitches or a slow first-boot, but once the system has booted once, you would experience the original boot speed.


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