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How To Enter Recovery Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smartphone

If you need to install official or custom ROMs in your Android devices, or you need to wipe the cache, dalvik cache or want to have an access for other options to customize your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device, you should enter in the recovery mode.


Before teaching you how to enter in the recovery mode, you must know that, the recovery mode is an important menu for your device.

Very generally the recovery mode for Galaxy Note 2 smartphone is used for flash new custom ROM or for backup  if it  is installed the CWM (ClockworkMod) installed, you can easily to install the custom ROMs or get the backup for your current Rom installed in your device.

For installing the CWM you’ll need the root access, and if you’ll root your device the warranty will be void.

How to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device.
  • After the device is turned off, press the following combination of buttons at the same time:

Volume up + power button + home button, and keep these buttons pressed until the recovery mode is displayed.

When you’re in the recovery mode, you can release the buttons.

This is all, now you successfully learnT how to access the recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device.

Another modality to enter in the recovery mode is only for the rooted Galaxy Note devices for some custom’s ROMs. To this  press the power button for a few seconds and then a pop up methods will be displayed.

Now, in the menu select the reboot option, you should see the reboot options: “Normal”, “Recovery”, and “Download “.



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