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How to Install the Official Lineage OS ROM on OnePlus X

The new Lineage OS update is now officially available for the OnePlus X device and is based on the CM 14.1 ROM. If you want to update your phone with the new Android Nougat custom firmware; you can follow the update from this post compatible with the OnePlus X. This ROM comes with all the new Android Nougat features, capabilities and apps and runs without bugs or lags on the OnePlus X device.

Additionally, the official Lineage OS is light and fast and can be easily personalized and optimized if you need to improve the performance of your device while using the latest Android Nougat build. However, being custom ROM software for the OnePlus X and not an official Android update offered by your OEM, the warranty of your OnePlus X smartphone will be lost.

First, you should know that the Lineage OS can be installed on your OnePlus X only if you gain root access and flashed a custom recovery image.

This ensures that you can unlock the Android core system and prepare your device for the Nougat installation process. The new Lineage OS custom ROM will have to change, personalize and optimize built-in features, applications, and processes. Also, the custom recovery image is indispensable for the flashing process because the Lineage OS can be installed only if TWRP custom recovery, or any other related software, can be used on your device.

The unofficial Android update can run on your OnePlus X device only if previously the internal storage of the system is cleared up and this indicate additional operations: making a hard reset and clearing app data cache. So this means that this processes applied you will lose all your data, info, accounts and files stored on your device.

To avoid losing everything you should make a backup and save contacts, images, audio files and videos files, market apps, calendar info, internet settings, saved passwords and also the EFS folder, IMEI / NVRAM data. You can easily backup your OnePlus X by downloading and using backup and restore apps from Google Play or by syncing your files with your Google account.

Before starting the update tutorial from below make sure that you unhidden the Developer Options and the USB Debugging feature is checked. To unhide the Developer Option on your OnePlus X go to Settings ->About Phone and tap seven times repeatedly on the Built Number. To check the USB Debugging go to Settings -> Developer options.

Also, make sure that you have your computer that can be used for downloading the required files and your phone’s USB cable, to connect your phone to the computer in order to transfer the downloaded files from the computer to the smartphone. To safely and successfully complete the installation of Lineage OS, charge your OnePlus X device and see if there is enough power on it. The files from this guide are to be used only for the OnePlus X, do not try to update any other device.

How to Install the Official Lineage OS on OnePlus X and Update it to the Android Nougat firmware

1. Download from here and save the Lineage OS on your computer, place the files on the desktop if possible.

2. Download the compatible Google Apps from here and save the package on your computer.

3. Power on your OnePlus X device and connect it to your computer using the USB cable.

4. Find and copy the downloaded files then place them on your smartphone; when done you can remove the USB cable.

5. Switch off the phone and reboot it into recovery mode.

6. From recovery mode menu make the wipe by selecting ‘wipe data factory reset’, ‘wipe cache partition’ and ‘wipe Dalvik cache’.

7. After wiping everything, return to the main menu of recovery and select ‘install zip from SD card’ and ‘choose zip from SD card’.

8. Pick up and the Lineage OS package and install the Android Nougat firmware on your OnePlus X device.

9. Repeat the same step to flash the Google Apps package.

10. When done go to the main menu of recovery and choose ‘reboot system now’.

Now you have installed the official Lineage OS based on Android Nougat on your OnePlus X.


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