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How to Install TWRP Recovery on LeEco Le 2

If you decided to tweak your LeEco Le 2 core system; start by replacing the stock recovery image with a custom recovery one. If you own the LeEco Le 2and want to tweak its performance, you need to learn how to safely install the TWRP recovery. So look over the guidelines from below and find out what are the advantages and risks but also pre requisites and the installation process must be applied with attention (as you will perform an unofficial process).

The LeEco Le 2 smartphone comes by default with stock recovery image. The TWRP custom recovery is a software that can be accessed and used on your device once you complete all the steps from below. The stock recovery image software limits your access for the reason that has factory restrictions, with TWRP recovery your access is unlimited.

Through TWRP custom recovery you can access and then change, personalize, and optimize the Android core system that runs on your LeEco Le 2 device. TWRP recovery comes with a touch-based interface and with several useful and intuitive settings that can be quickly managed even by unexperienced users.

Among the operations that can be done using TWRP recovery are : removing bloatware, flashing custom .zip files, add new features, flash custom ROMs, MODs and kernels, overclock the CPU frequencies, make a Nandroid backup to save the existing Android system that runs on your LeEco Le 2 and so on.

However, keep in mind that replacing the Android stock recovery with a custom recovery isn’t an official process, as TWRP is not developed by not by your OEM, but by third party devs. This means that the warranty of your LeEco Le 2 device will get void. So you have to be cautious when applying this tutorial.

The TWRP flashing process can be completed only if a wipe is applied, so to avoid losing data, info, files and accounts you should make a complete backup by syncing your data with your Google Account, using cloud storage platforms that are currently installed on your LeEco Le 2 device or using backup and restore apps from Google Play Store.

Before proceeding there are some prerequisites that must be taken into account and applied:

  • Use this guide only for the LeEco Le 2 device, and do not try it for any other device.
  • To be able to complete the installation, you need a computer and on it make sure you install the LeEco Le 2 drivers.
  • On the computer flash the Android SDK.
  • On your LeEco Le 2 smartphone,to become a developer go to Settings->About Phone and tap seven times on the Built Number until the “you are a developer” message is displayed. From the newly enabled Developer Options menu you have to check the USB Debugging field.
  • Charge your smartphone and make sure it has at least 60% power level.

How to install TWRP Recovery on LeEco Le 2

1. Download from here on your computer the TWRP recovery for the LeEco Le 2. Rename the downloaded file into ‘recovery.img’ and save it on the desktop and then transfer it in the same folder as Android SDK.

2. Power on your LeEco Le 2 device and plug in it to your computer using the USB cable.

3. Access the Android SDK folder and open a command window by righ-clicking on any blank space in the folder and holding the Shift key.

4. In the command window, type in the “adb devices” and “adb reboot bootloader” commands to check if the ADB is able to communicate with the smartphone and then to reboot it in bootloader mode.

5. Next, to unlock the bootloader, execute the “fastboot oem unlock” and “fastboot oem unlock-go” commands one after another. Please note that this will erase everything on your phone.

6. Now to install the TWRP custom recovery, type and execute the”fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” command and hit enter.

7. You will have to also delete user data in order to bypass the device encryption. To do that, execute the “fastboot format userdata” command.

Now the TWRP custom recovery can be accessed and used on your LeEco Le 2 device.


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