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HTC Desire P and Desire Q specs and official images surface

HTC Desire P

Today we found the first details about HTC Desire P and HTC Desire Q, these details has been published 2 weeks ago, and today we will see 2 new official images with these two models(mainstream).

Like you see in the images, these two models come with some improvements on the design parts. For the beginning,  the HTC Desire P and Desire Q are announced to be released only for two countries, Taiwan and China.

The specification for the HTC Desire P are remarkable, this model will comes with an 4.3″ display and 480*800 px resolution, will has an 8M camera and a 1GH CPU, the Beats Audio features are related of the back logo who is draw on the pictures and the producer want to obtain on the Chines market around of 365 $ estimated price.

The HTC Desire Q is smaller than HTC Desire P and comes with 4″ display, in three variants of colors(black, white, and red), the cost for this device is estimated to be around 235$, and it will be available first in the Taiwan market.

About the OS that these two models of HTC(Desire P model number T326h, and Desire Q model number T328h) we don’t know the version of Android yet, but we hope to be jelly Been version. The exact date for launch plans isn’t knowing at the moment, but like I said before these two models will be lanced first in China and Taiwan.

To see the official images surface clearly you can visit our source page from here


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