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Increase The Speed Of Your Internet Browser Chrome For Android With A Simple Setting

Chrome for Android

The Chrome browser for smartphones or tablets sometimes moves slow. Here’s what you can do:
With a very small change in settings, you can increase substantially speed on Chrome for Android. What you will do is to give more memory access for Chrome.

Open a new tab in Chrome on your Android device and enter it into the address bar:

chrome :/ / flags / # max-tiles-for-interest-area

In the first box, put in place a high value, for example, 512 if you can instead of Default.
Change will be made only after you’ve restarted your browser. You can click the “Relaunch Now” and Chrome will close and then restart, writes erythrocytes64 user on reddit.
It should be much dynamic now.
Others commenters in the Reddit figure that for the suspicious, conferring Chrome path to more memory means Android will be more hostile with closing another idle apps and such in order to make sure Chrome has all the energy it needs; so if you have an older device or device with less built-in RAM, you may need to start with 256 (the default being 128) to find your friendly point.

Other useful standards according to erythrocytes64 are:
Enable-Offline-Mode – AFAIK permits to entree pages saved in cache on the Android based device without having an Internet connection.
Enable-Spdy4a2 – give better results on some pages, like Facebook, but ones encountered errors when applying it.
Enable-Cast – enable experiential Chromecast support providing for its users to play and having full control videos from the Web on Chromecast devices, just in beta.
You could additionally allow the “Show-Fps-Counter” to view if you are getting the performance boost guaranteed by the tweak.


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