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How To Install 2016 Android 5.0 Lollipop Security Update for International Galaxy Note 3

Are you Samsung Galaxy Note 3 user? If your answer is yes; there is a good news for you. Samsung has launched an official Android 5.0 update. It makes your phone more secure and meets the latest security criteria of Samsung smartphones.  If you are eager to know the detailed process; check the detailed guidelines provided in the post in order to flash the new official firmware on your phone. You can also use this article to restore your Galaxy Note 3 N9005 into stock Android if you are running a custom ROM in your smartphone.

You are advised to keep your Galaxy Note 3 phone updated with the latest official/ non-official Lollipop builds to make your Android smartphone more secure.


  • Use this how to tutorial only for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model number N9005 and not for any other device.
  • Verify the model of your smartphone. Go to Settings > About Phone
  • Download the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 USB drivers (Download link).
  • Enable USB Debugging mode from the Settings-> Developer Options
  • Tap on Developer Options menu, find USB Debugging and enable it.
  • Ensure that your smartphone is running 100 % stock Android.
  • Use ODIN software to allow you flashing ROMs on your Samsung device manually.
  • If your device is a rooted one, install this official ROM over the rooted firmware, the root access will be removed.
  • If you’ll install this stock ROM over a device with a custom ROM installed, you should make a full backup of your important data.
  • The battery of your device should have more than 65% level. Make sure it is sufficiently charged before launching the flashing operation.

Now read and follow the correct order of all steps below

How to install the new Android 5.0 Lollipop 2016 Security Patch for International LTE Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  1. Download the stock ROM (Download link)
  2. Extract the downloaded archive contents and save the files on your PC.
  3. Do not extract the N9005XXUGBPD3 tar.md5 firmware update file.
  4. Download the ODIN 3.10.7 (Odin Link)
  5. Extract the files of ODIN archive and save them on your computer.
  6. Power off the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
  7. Boot the Android device in Download Mode.
  8. Run the ODIN exe software on your PC.
  9. Connect the device with the PC by using its USB cable. (ensure that the USB drivers are installed).
  10. From ODIN software, navigate on Option and from here disable the Re-Partition option.
  11. Now, click the AP button in ODIN application.
  12. Load the N9005XXUGBPD3 tar.md5 in ODIN.
  13. Verify once again all the steps given.
  14. Press START button to begin the installation of new Android 5.0 Lollipop 2016 ROM on your international LTE Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
  15. Wait until the PASS alert is displayed and the device reboots in normal mode.
  16. Use your Google account to login and take the control over your device once again.
  17. The reboot process  will take at least five minutes to be completed and you need to be patient during the process.


If the new stock ROM fails during the installation process, you will need to repeat all steps listed above. If the PASS alert is displayed on the ODIN interface, but the device enters into a boot loop, then a “factory reset” is necessary. Here is the Factory Reset procedure:

  • Shut down the Android device.
  • Boot the device in Recovery Mode.
  • From the Recovery Mode select : ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ and confirm.
  • Reboot the device into normal mode.
  • Done

Now the process is over and you can enjoy the updated Note 3 with enhanced security feature.


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