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Latest Dropbox for Android apk Now Available for Download

Dropbox for Android

Dropbox is a file hosting service developed by Dropbox, INC. This service offers cloud storage, file synchronization and to do these they offer client software that should be installed on your device. That is the reason we today a powerful application for all Android owners named Dropbox app for Android. During this post,  you’ll be able to download the latest version of Dropbox for Android, but also we’ll include the Dropbox apk version for users that want to have this application save it on their place store to install the same when they not have an internet connection available.

Dropbox for Android comes with a lot of features for users that use the Dropbox cloud service to store their images, videos, files and any other data on the cloud. Also, you can use the same account Dropbox account that you have used in your desktop, you can access your data stored in Dropbox service from any place.

Dropbox for Android is a free application that let you manage all your data from Dropbox service anywhere. After you download and install the same on your Android immediately after you’ll login in your Dropbox account you’ll be able to have access at your Dropbox folders that already exist, or you can create and update other new folder or to upload or download files from there.

The main features that Dropbox for Android comes:

You can have always access to your Dropbox account, no matter where you are, only an internet connection is needed.

You can upload, download, save photos, images, documents or any data to your Dropbox.

Now, you can save email attachments directly to your Dropbox account

And a new feature is that you can edit docs in your Dropbox.

Additionally with Dropbox app also you can sort files by date modified.

Fast access to the files uploaded on the Dropbox account and the strong possibility to share your preferred content with your friends.

The significant advantage is that app support all type of files and an easy synchronization with the Dropbox cloud system

You can download the latest Dropbox app for Android from here, or you can download the Dropbox apk app from the below link.

Download Dropbox 2.3.5 apk for Android from here

Let us know in our comment section if the Dropbox app represent for you a must have Android application


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