Le Pro3’s Review: Don’t Buy This Smartphone

You can’t judge a phone by glancing through its spec sheet as reality can be far away from the truth and there is a good chance that you will regret. LeEco Le Pro3’s is one such phone. If you look at the spec sheet and it gives a run for money to Google Pixel lineup, but actually offers a pathetic user experience.

It claims to have the most efficient and fast Qualacomm processor, 64 GB of storage and 4 GB RAM with impressive design.  Considering the price tag of $399, it seems too good to be true.  It sounds harsh, but this phone is a paper tiger and you should not put your hard earned money just by seeing its spec sheet.

LeEco had come up with an extravagant launch event. The Chinese company had bought a US TV manufacturer Vizio last year and after that it became cash strapped. No doubt it is a well-designed phone. It has a brushed metal housing with antenna lines at the top or bottom. The housing is bit smooth and almost to the point of being slippery, but it gives a good feeling to hand. There is a fingerprint reader below the camera lens having a two-tone flash.

There is an USB-C port for data transfer and audio. The display isn’t QHD, but this is OK.  The sales pitch of LeEco is the vast ecosystem of media across the company’s TV and phone.

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The biggest problem is the sizeable bezel which is more a symbol of budget phone and certainly of a premium phone. The Pixel density is obviously not as high, but it has good amount of text for general sharpness.  The Snapdragon 821 has proved itself a few times over as a powerful and reliable processing from productivity to gaming. It is the only saving grace in the phone considering hardware and software experience doesn’t live up to expectations.


The headphone jack suffers from the iPhone 7 or Moto Z as it is really small and can be easily misplaced. Sound is actually a positive for this phone because of the dual speakers—when watching YouTube or playing games.


The camera function is satisfactory. Before we get to detail, the front facing camera has beauty mode which is by default useful in selfies taken using the 8MP sensor. Selfies taken on the Le Pro3 are decent enough even at the middle setting.

Summing up

It has another phones in the same price segment such as OnePlus 3 which is far superior to Le Pro3. The phone is marred by inconsistent and unstable performance. The biggest flaw with it is that the phone  is good only in piecemeal. We won’t suggest you to buy this phone as there are really some good options available in this price range.


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