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How To Manually Install Android Nougat On A Nexus Device

The process of installing Android Nougat on a Nexus device is not complicated, but you need to do it thoroughly as the process is not risk free. Here is what you need to do.


  1. Boot your device into fastboot mode by holding down volume up+ volume down keys and pressing the power button. The process is applicable for all kinds of modern Nexus devices.
  2. Use 7 zip to extract .tgz file that you have you downloaded from the Android Developer website.
  3. Use 7zip again to extract the .tar file which has been extracted from .tgz.
  4. Once you are done have a folder with several files in it.
  5. Take a copy of these files paste them in the platform-tools folder in the Android SDK which should be under C drive.
  6. Now connect your Nexus device to your computer.
  7. If you are in Windows , you’ll need to double click the one having a large gear logo “Windows Batch File” on the right.
  8. If you’re on Linux, you’ll want to double click the
  9. Now a box pops up and you can see the installation taking place.
  10. Your battery should be fully charged and you should not unplug your device for any reason.
  11. When the installation is over, your device will automatically reboot and the official Android 7.0 Nougat boot animation image startsup.
  12. Now you can safely disconnect your device from your computer. Congrats, you now have Nougat!


In case you face any problem in doing so, just write comments below in the comments section and you will get response. However, if anything happens to your phone during the process our team will not be held responsible. These instructions are for only educational and instructional purpose and only an advanced level Android user can follow these steps.


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