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MOTOROLA MOTO X Press Render leaks, Release Date – 1st August

Now some clean images were published on the internet about how the new Motorola Moto X device will look like, thanks once again to @ evleak, these images are some rendering images for press. If we wonder how the new Motorola Moto X will look like, then we now have some clear pictures with that, from the back and front of this device.

As we can see, the front picture of the Moto X device let us believe that it will have a 4.5-inch screen with the navigation buttons on the screen, and we can also note that it will run an official version of Android.
Otherwise, it will come, as we can see in the upper right, with a front-facing camera and sensors on the right of the front camera, next to speaker. On the front of the device we can observ the microphone hole or this hole can be for notification light, but is unlikely to be the notification light, because past reports has shown the notification light will be made directly on the screen, so this hole can be only for microphone.Moto X

Moving to the picture with the back side of the MOTO X device, it illustrates the rear camera and there it can be observed a primary 10 MP camera along with flash. Moreover, in this picture can be seen aditionally the Motorola logo below the camera.
There is also a speaker that is located on the right side of the back camra and there is also an additional microphone; this back microphone will be used for noise cancellation. The same picture displays behind Moto X the headphone jack, which can be spotted on the very top of the side.

Motorola keeps a simple design and on its back cover it shows sloping body for the pleasure to hold it in your hand, especially if we talk about a screen close to 5-inch size.

Motorola Moto X

As numerous rumors have said, this device will not hold the latest and most powerful processor and a screen with a high resolution, but Motorola will not leave these things to be noted, the declared performance will be exceptional. This device is expected at a very reasonable price.

A leak information said that the release date of Motorola Moto X is on August 1.



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