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Official Google Keyboard APK app, now available for download – a smart and easy way for typing on your Android

Google Keybord apk

Today we will introduce you a new application that has been introduced by the biggest internet giant – Google. The application is a Keyword app that was integrated in the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS.

With this new Keyword its users will benefit with the latest Gesture Typing and Voice typing feature, also the Keyboard application is specially developed to give the possibility to insert new characters with a fast input features on users Android devices, smartphones and Tablets PCs.

The Google Keyboard makes typing action to be easy. This application comes with dictionaries for 26 languages which help the keyboard to offer next-word suggestions, and of course the current word competitions features directly integrated as advanced keyboard layouts.

This new keyboard app comes integrated and available by default in all the Google Nexus devices. Also, Google brings out with this keyboard with all default features that a smart-keyboard has and in additionally comes with  new features to offers a reliable typing experience. We can note here some new feature such as Gesture Typing with dynamic floating preview which allow you float through letters for compose a word text, for doing that just lift your finger  and the keyboard will know you want to enter a space. As I already said before, the Google Keyboard has automatic error correction and word predictions features. For composing,  a text message you can also tap the microphone symbol and you can compose the message directly with your voice with Voice Typing feature.

Google Keyboard is rolling out today and can be downloaded directly to Google Play Market Store through this page, or also you can download the APK file form below.

Download Google Keyboard App APK

This new officially keyboard brings and integrated all the features which has been introduced up through Android 4.2 Operating System, and it can be downloaded and installed on any Android device that is running Android 4.0 or higher.

Initially, now this new keyboard is available in English-speaking countries only at this moment, but in the next period of time will be adding more countries.

As you can see in screenshot images that the Google provided us for this new Keyword application, is interesting that the clock on the images, is set as 4:30, this may be associated with the new Android 4.3 OS that should be released. As we know that the Android 4.3 has not been released yet, but we are asking ourselves what’s signification has the screenshot images?


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