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Quora App for Android, Official in Google Play

Quora connects you to everything you want to know about something, it is a complete system where those registered can ask questions and receive answers about things that were asked. Quora for Android is much closer to you when you need to quickly find support in the community Quora, Quora With your account you can connect to your smartphone and ask them to answer questions, connect with your friends, but you can also follow topics feeds to get updates.

Some features of this very useful application for Android:

  • Find a quick, has voice-enabled search.
  • You can add Quora like integrate search for your phone .
  • You are always aware of your notifications and changes.
  • You can install a widget to see in feed best Quora answers right now.
  • You can share with your friends the interested content of Quora in any social networks used by you.

Quora is now only English and English content

Download from Google Play


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