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Reckless Racing 3 Available in Big Discounts in Several Countries

Doesn’t it look surprising that pricing is displayed in US dollars, even though the stuff on offer is not available in that country. However, that is something we can ignore, factoring in 95% discount on a robust and entertaining top-down racing game. What is the need to consider it when we’re getting such value for money.

Reckless Racing 3 is latest Android game to get the ten cent push. It is Pixelbite’s threequel to one of the best games in the early Android era and the price is normally three dollars, or equivalent local currency. This is an offer that you need to quickly gulp down.

Reckless Racing 3 team has worked on features such as 3D graphics, tracks and cars, race types, and others. In fact, these are the expansion of previous features. Then, there is a new ‘gymhkana’ drift mode and a ‘mashup mode’ that allows you to pit multiple car types against each other. The experience is enhanced by a full external controller support and tailor-made touch controls. You can unlock everything by grinding. For even better experience, you may go for in-app purchases for car packs that go up to about $20. Certainly a welcome thing for the fans!

Though it is just not possible to check in which countries the discount is available and where not, it appears that the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, Mexico, and Brazil are among the countries where people are getting the discount. India, Indonesia, and Canada are countries where citizens cannot get the discount. So, the moolah you can rake depends on the country you’re residing in. But you never know how long the sales, so getting Reckless Racing 3 at the earliest is in your best interest.


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